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17 oct 2017
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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 11:36 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ZiggyPalffy</b></div><div>One problem, none of those guys can be traded...

No one wants Kane.

No one wants Karlsson.

Vlasic is more likely to be a 7x5 buyout than traded.

Jones can't be traded unless you pay at least a 2nd and retain half and even then probably not.

This team is stuck with those contracts, the last thing they should do is rebuild, that would be the ugliest fee build the NHL has ever seen.

Let Seattle take Burns, buyout Vlasic, get rid of Jones somehow, sign Ullmark and Halak, stop resigning Marleau, and try to fill vacant roster spots with younger faster quality players via call up, trade, or free agency.

Kane Couture Lablanc
Meier Hertl Palmieri?
Donato ? Leonard
Nieto Gregor True

Simek Karlsson
Ferraro ?
Knyzhov ?


Make sure both the other RD's are good defensively and can kill penalties. Karlsson is washed up defensively and never was very good in that area. Don't use him on the PK unless someone's injured.

I would trade Merkley for a young defensive or two way RD. The last thing the sharks need is another offensive defenseman especially on the right side.</div></div>

Agree mostly with what you’re saying. I just wish Wilson gets booted after this year. Sharks management needs a tear down also. I think Kane would fetch a 2nd or 3rd from a team that wants a power forward who puts up ~25 goals per. I know he’s got attitude issues but If the coach in there can handle that I think he’s an asset on any team who wants him
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