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What’d you guys think of Jack Johnson? Is he a good defenseman?</div></div>

I’m not a Pens fan but I really don’t understand the hate Jack Johnson gets. It’s been blown way out of proportion by typical fans like you making him the scapegoat. In his prime, he was an all star defenseman who was selected to represent USA at the Olympics and World Cup. He may not be the same player he was but he is still damm effective. He leads all Penguins defensemen in hits &amp; blocks. You’ve gotta keep in mind he plays with Letang &amp; Schultz whom are both fully offensive minded defensemen yet have no idea how to play without the puck. That’s why he concedes so many shots. Honestly, Johnson’s contract isn’t even that bad. There are many other teams that have way worse players making way more, like Mitch Marner of Toronto.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PenGoater99</b></div><div>Johnson has not been good this year, his offensive impact is bad and he's average at best defensively.

+/- is useless, his corsi stats are not that good either, and zone starts are irrelevant.

He doesn't pass the eye test, he isn't the best PK'er on the team.

Physicality doesn't matter if you're a complete liability to the team.

He doesn't need to be a leader for the younger d-men when Letang and Dumoulin are on the team.

You calling someone else dumb is pretty funny.</div></div>

JJ doesn't pass the eye test because every time Letang coughs the puck up and lets the other team score they put the camera on JJ as if it's his fault.

Honestly, his play this year has been solid. I don't know who could complain about it. Especially after last year where they left him out to dry on his off side.
Just hush up and cut the guy some slack. He get's it enough from the crooked ass media who wouldn't dare put that camera on Letang because it doesn't fit the narrative.

I'm not saying I keep JJ on this team long term. I don't. He does have a hard time clearing the zone. But he has played well in his own end if you think he makes mistakes with the puck, lets sit down and have a real long conversation about Letang back there.
One is quick to jump on Jack and his whooping 14 give aways this year. But not say a word about Letang and his 53!!!!!

JJ is the least of the problems back there. To be honest, it's getting to the point that I would rather move Letang than JJ.
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