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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Pensfan89</b></div><div>Apparently Seattle had a side deal that if the pens left Carter exposed that they’d select him, retain half of the 2+ million, and trade him to TB. So that’s why the pens had to protect Carter. The fact that they protected Matheson when his contract protects himself is crazy to me.
As for the trades. That Gibson trade is a massive overpay. Goalies don’t ever get more than a 1st round pick. And even a 1st alone for a goalie is rare. Heck the reigning Vezina winner just got traded for nothing lol.
The Zucker to Toronto trade makes sense. The leafs are extremely weak on the LW and Zucker would instantly become their best LW. And being that he was extremely successful with Crosby, would probably be pretty successful with Matthews and Marner.
I’d be ok with trading Pettersson if we keep POJ. And I think 2 thirds is solid value.
As for Broz, he’s more likely going to transition to wing in the NHL. But I doubt hexy makes that trade. He isn’t going to trade picks and prospects for rentals.
I hated the ERod signing. It’s too much for him. I’d have only paid league minimum. As for the other 2. I think they are solid. McGinn is like Tanev light. Heinen has decent potential. I’m hoping they sign Ritchie and maybe Kase.
The Seattle move is ok. It doesn’t really move the needle. Kind of a lateral move.</div></div>

Did you see the keumper trade? If he gets a 1st, good prospect, and a 3rd, then Gibson gets way more.
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