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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dca919</b></div><div>Was it Yzerman that signed these bad contracts or was it BriseBois?
Gourde: BriseBois
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Vasilevskiy : BriseBois
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Point: BriseBois

Yzerman got players to sign discounted contracts but that meant no-trade clauses so you can blame him for those, but that's how those players agreed to lower salaries.

BTW: per Evolving Hockey--Sergachev's is 6 years at a $6.5M cap hit. Does he want a bridge deal?

Tampa has so many problems because of cap that its fans don't realize they will be forced to trade a player for pennies on the dollar (JT Miller ring a bell?) Vets can simply say no and use their NTC's--especially with COVID moving concerns for family--I expect most to do just that limiting Tampa's options even further.</div></div>

You are right on those two... but looking at McDo, Palat, Jonhson... and Killhorn... 2out3 are the one that we hear that they should be sold at anyprice out of town.
But again you are right... Gourde is the worst one by far.
Anyway I don't believe in bridgedeal for Serghachev @ 4M... maybe for Cirelli a one year @ 4 but both would ask for a payback... and you need to keep even more$$$ for Point in 2 years who would fetch a 10M$ contract