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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>Many of your assumptions are simply wrong. To begin with, Fiala &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Matheson, and if you don't understand that, the rest of this discussion is pointless. Second, filling what you characterize as a "glaring need" by trading away the team's leading scorer is moronic overkill. Third, Fiala does not play in the team's bottom 6; it's hard to imagine how you even reached that conclusion. You have two people in this thread who watch every single second that the Kings played last season telling you that you're wrong on that count. Moreover, even if it were true of last season, it won't be true of this season because Viktor Arvidsson is a free agent; the top 6 will be Byfield - Kopitar - Kempe and Moore - Danault - Fiala. Fourth, Drew Doughty was tied in power play goals for third in the league last season (among defensemen), so Matheson isn't going to replace him on the first unit. Fifth, Matheson is poor defensively, which is what makes him, as you point out, an entirely different player from Anderson and Gavrikov. Sixth, no, I don't have to ask Kevin Fiala whether he would waive his NMC because the very fact that he has one tells you what he would do if asked to leave Los Angeles for Montreal and if that isn't enough, allow me to remind you who his center is.

Montreal is woeful defensively. This proposed trade is every bit as awful as my suggesting that you address that deficiency by exchanging Vladi Gavrikov for Cole Caufield.</div></div>

“Plays in the bottom 6 when everyone is healthy” . As soon as Arvidsson got healthy Fiala was in the bottom 6, he was in the bottom 6 during the playoffs as well. I’m mot shocked that a complete moron like you can’t comprehend basic English though.

“Fiala &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Matheson” My god what an idiotic ****ing statement😅 considering Matheson is a top 10 offensive defenseman in the league and plays a more important position I have to disagree. Fiala isn’t one of the best in the league at anything. He’s a good player, but he’s also a small under a point per game winger who the Kings chose to play below Arvidsson on the depth chart.

Also kid, pick a damn team lol. Growing up my little sister also had 10 favorite teams😂
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>doaftheloaf</b></div><div>Necas is only worth the 26 and the dman. He's not a superstar; he's a 2nd line winger that can get 50-60 points.

The Canes have to sign half a team. If they get Laine without retention, that's 8.7m on an oft-injured, lazy, one way player. Who's far removed from being a feared sniper.

If the Canes lose all those players, they'll probably need more money to sign replacements of the same quality.</div></div>

You’re talking about the same team that offer sheeted KK, signed Deangelo and traded for Kuznetsov. They don’t care about the intangibles,

They’re not going to be able to sign replacements of equal value, players don’t sign in Carolina very often and yes all of those players are leaving. They’ll be able to afford Laine at 8.7. Small market team that will go to bat for its players, it’s the perfect situation for Laine both as a player and a person.

I understand that you think Necas is worth that based on what he’s done most seasons, but that’s not how it works. There will be a bidding war, someone is going to trade for it because of what he could/will be for them, not what he has been with Carolina, he isn’t being traded as a 50-60 point player who spent a lot of time on Carolina’s middle 6 because he didn’t fit the coaches system. He’s being traded as the 70 point player he was last year, and the potential to be a ppg player and he definitely has that potential, it’s a likely outcome with a bigger role on a different team that is looking for a talented forward to give a ton of minutes to. Just like Dubois wasn’t traded as a 50-60 point player either. He still netted a huge return. That’s what’s going to happen, it always does.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ujeje</b></div><div>Oh I know they're rebuilding, sometimes it even feels that I'm pretty much the only one on this site who gets it. Even if they move some wingers, there are also prospects in line waiting for their turn.

And for Risto, yes they reduced his ice time and made him shutdown D, who averaged 16:40 with injuries this season. And that role change has been the working concept for him. I just don't get what makes you think Anderson brings leadership and is a guy who trusts Torts compared to Risto. Risto even said that he wishes he had Torts as his coach when he entered NHL.

Big physical RHD will always have some value. And I believe they would rather keep him and get his value higher, than acquire even more expensive 4th liner. They ain't trading the better player for more expensive, worse player just to lose some games more.</div></div>

If he were worth playing more they would play him more. With that contract and what they gave up for him they have every reason to play him as much as possible. That’s basically what they’re doing, playing him any more and he hurts the team. Yes I agree that right shot D have value, bad ones who are paid 5 mill have very little though. Luckily in this trade they get the value they would probably get from anyone else without having to retain half of the contract. What will happen is they’ll play that contract out until the final year and then retain 50% and get a 3rd for him. Instead of doing that they can do this and get that return now. I know Anderson is a leader because he’s always been a great leader, even in his days with Columbus.

You talk about Anderson like he’s a useless player but don’t forget he’s the exact same player he was when Torts had him on the top two lines. Having a poor shooting season doesn’t change that. The only thing that’s changed is he doesn’t fit our system since Marty came in. He fits Torts system to a tee. He’ll go back to scoring 20 goals a season in Philly.

Either way we can agree to disagree. It’s a pretty mild deal. Mostly a nothing trade, just sending players to another situation that might be better for each player.
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