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Sujet: Easy fix
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>flyersexpert</b></div><div>I think that the intelligent thing to add is Phil Myers is not a 40 million dollar d man yet nor will he get an 8 year extension. If they were handing out 8 year deals provy would have certainly got one. You fixed nothing on the top right hand defensive slot while also paying a hypothetical 3rd line center who hasnt played in 2 years 1,500,000 having a fourth line 7 million dollar player not even considering moving that. Ghost isnt even a right handed defenseman need that as well. Myers sanheim was fine why break them up? you have raffl for a reason great tool to move up and down line up but play primarily fourth and hes a scracth? no thanks</div></div>

And you just proved to me that you know nothing about this team. You do know that when Ghost had is career year, he was playing with Provy right? Clearly you don’t. Also, I have no idea what Myers will make but $5 mil for our future #1 RHD man isn’t horrible if we have cap to do it. Apparently you think that cap hit equates to where you should play in the lineup. Guess Farabee goes to the 4th line then...poor kid has to wait until he gets a contract extension I guess. But even better is that we can just not offer Patrick any contract and let him walk...I mean he hasn’t played in 1 year, useless bum! You do understand that you can only dress 12 forwards right? Whose spot does Raffl take? Maybe NAK’s? Oh wait he makes more than Farabee and Frost and NAK, sorry boys, to the press box you go, you don’t make enough yet!

What’s great is that everything you said is not very smart.
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