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I get where your going. I would say I wouldn't worry as I firmly believe Petey is staying. Its what the player wants and management. Its just a game to get the best price. Having said that, nothing is ever 100% and so its interesting to see what it might look like if Petey did leave (for what ever reason). Given he is only 25 and many more years to come and a center that can play top line as well as wing and a proven 100 point scorer, the return will be significant. It must include a young center coming back the other way however, even if we do keep Lindholm, as the Canucks top 6 center prospects are weak, if none existent. Raty would probably be our number one and hes likely a bottom 6 player at this point. So in my humble estimation its in line with the compensation for an RFA offer sheet. Petey will be paid over $10M and therefore the equivalent of 4 first round picks coming back the other way, or a good young player, a top prospect, a high first rounder and another piece (it will be a steep price as these sorts of players rarely hit he open market). Petey would likely be coveted by an up and coming team on the cusp of contending . Perhaps a team with lots of assets and draft picks too. If you accepted Columbus could be that team, I could see Fantilli, Jiricek, a first, and another player coming back the other way. Its a steep price and I understand why many woudn't be too happy with it. But adding a 100 point scorer to play with Gaudreau and Chinakov gives you a legit first line and potentially makes you into a contender over night.