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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ClockReads2113</b></div><div>As a Caps fan I'd pass. Risto is an extremely bad defensemen. Wouldn't mind having him on my team to play bottom pairing for $1.5M but he will obviously get more than that.</div></div>

Most people on here have a really distorted view of Ristolainen. He’s a not as bad as people make him out to be on here, and guys like Keith Yandle and Kevin Shattenkirk have gotten bigger returns than the one proposed and are just as bad or good defensively as Ristolainen. Also in Buffalo, he is asked to be the number one defenseman here which he is not. And let’s not forget, Ristolainen has never had a legit top pair pairing partner either, he’s had Jake McCabe and Brandon Montour and scrubs, and none of those guys that they have had ideal partners for him. Ristolainen is also one of the best PP defenseman in the league, he’s 11th in PP points since 2016-17, Carlson is first.

Having said that, in Washington, he would not be asked to have that role what so ever and if he did let’s say due to injury to Carlson, he would probably fare much better with a better team. Not to mention he would lead their second PP unit easily and is capable of leading a first unit. He can even be a net front presence. Ristolainen would definelty help the capitals a lot and there is a need. He would easily be the second pair guy and lead the second PP unit

But Buffalo would need to retain A little salary maybe like a million or 1.5m, and the problem here are is that now Buffalo is rumored to have a internal cap of around 70-73 million, buffalo probably isn’t looking to retain or take on bad contracts, or take on equal money, they wanna dump salary and probably get picks and prospects.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gmgb</b></div><div>NSH does need to improve the 3rd pair. Ideally a #4-5 type who can give Fabbro competition for his spot, and fill in the top four when injuries/slumps occur. While Risto could be that guy, his cap hit is just too high to consider him. There are better players that could be signed for less this summer. Risto wouldn't be seeing any PP time in NSH though. Hynes seems to prefer the 4 forwards, 1 dman model, and Josi, Ellis, Fabbro, Ekholm would all be ahead of him.

Like Risto not making sense in NSH, I don't understand BUF's interest in Bonino either. He's a great 3C, but BUF needs a true #2. Given he's a UFA after next season and his playoff experience, he also makes the most sense as the deadline piece that puts a contender over the top.</div></div>

I strongly disagree that Ristolainen would be behind all four players on the Nashville power play...If I am not mistaken, i believe only Josi has more PP points than him of those five defenseman over the last five years, he is actually not that far behind. It's an underrated aspect of his game. He has more power play points over the past five years than Ekholm (12g/25pts) and Ellis (8g/36pts.... combined. Ristolainen has produced 99 power play points over the past five seasons. His PP production was down this year, but thats more because of Dahlin growing into that role and Risto being used as a front net presence because the team lacks one, which necessitated the trade for Wayne Simmonds, and then Krueger never even used him. Eventhough they may prefer four forwards and one D, Ristolainen can also be used as a net front presence and play on a unit with Ellis and Ekholm as a D with him as the Forward upfront so there would be a use for him either way. He would have no problem being squeezed into power play time if they acquired. I don't think they would consider it, unless Buffalo retained salary, and he wouldn't be on the third pair, not a chance, he'd be a lock for the second pair. There is no way Dante Fabbro is getting more minutes than Rasmus Ristolainen who has way more experience than him, and in Nashville he'd be much better than in Buffalo where he is asked to be the number 1 defenseman here, which he is not, which contributes to his bad perception. Ellis and Ekhiolm are clearly better well-rounded defenseman than him though, there's no arguing that but him Ekholm and Ristolainen on a second pair would be a rock solid pair to trot out there. and that would be the case for any team that acquires him, but thats true for almost any team, and Nashville would only view him as a rental until the expansion draft....

Montour would actually be the better fit for Nashville though....he is grossly miscast in Buffalo and every GM knows it. His value couldnt be lower right now considering he was acquired for a first and a NHL ready prospect. But he probably gets a short term 1-2 year deal, and he's a 4-5 defenseman you describe to buy time for development for Fabbro, and he has wheels. I think he'd be a steal if Nashville acquired him.

Buffalo actually needs both a second and third line center, they need help down the middle, so Bonino fits. Ideally with Bonino here, he serves as a stop gap to trot out in defensive situations to help initially shelter Cozens or Mittelstadt, and he keeps Marcus Johansson on the left wing for the third line, instead of second line center. The Sabres lack a shut down center, and they also have an atrocious penalty kill that cost them games