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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Lancebmx</b></div><div>I agree with this. I agree when you do awful things you should be punished but alot of these things happen when they are kids. People also forget that most of these kids are away from their parents so they don't get the parenting some may need. I do agree with the short leash and maybe something like a short leash policy for young players that have bullied or done things society deems inappropriate.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Gofnut999</b></div><div>Never ever have i said Carlo for Petey 1 for 1. All i have said is that is the only asset you have that Boston would move Carlo for.

Miller is a RHD and still signed. They just won’t let him play because of the backlash. Chance they buy him out in June. Honestly i’d rather they didn’t. I did not agree with the signing per se, but i don’t believe in caving to public sentiment either. The league is full of people that have done 💩ty things, from beating up AARP cab drivers 2 on 1, rapists, etc. and people turn a blinds eye to it. He did some pretty heinous 💩 but deserves a chance to rehabilitate himself. A couple of years in the minors (and a therapist) on a short leash. If he can’t grow up and become a better person than screw him. Had a chance and messed it up, let him go.</div></div>
He’s a bad human being. This wasn’t just crap he did as a kid. He did it for years and years and years, never showing remorse. He should never got the opportunity to play in the nhl or ahl. He’s never going to play for the bruins organization. My guess is that they just pay him, hold his rights, and let them expire.

This piece of crap was born for the khl
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>KingofRnR</b></div><div>Trading Tanev might be a decent idea, but we don't want Grzelcyk when we already have Kylington. Better to figure out a Trade with BOS involving Noah Hanifin, if we can sign Orlov via Free Agency or somehow pry Hampus Lindholm away from them. Carlo has always been of interest as well. I like AJ Greer as a Lucic replacement target as well.

I'd definitely want more for Toffoli, who's on a marvelous value contract. The only way he gets moved is if a) Coronato signs, b) we bring in another Star and need his Cap Space or c) we can't afford to re-sign him and the offer is to good to turn up. Suzuki &amp; Bokk are pure gambles and haven't really jumped out of the page to justify Trading our Best Forward this year for. I believe we already have Better Prospects than them in Zary &amp; MEP; IOW their values have dropped AFAIC

I'd want more for Zadorov. Hard to replace Big Physical 6'6 250lb Guys. Kuznetsov won't be ready, so only if Gilbert can fill his void or we sign another guy would trading him for less than a 2nd make sense

Definitely don't want Stecher back at $2.25mil. He's a fine 7th D-Man, but better than Stone, Gilbert or Meloche at less than $1mil/yr, I don't really believe that move makes much sense either

Kadri needs to be moved to the Wing imo and I recommend the RW, as he's our best Matthew Tkachuk replacement for that position given his style of play and shot:



Except boston has no need for hanifin
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