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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>you really over estimate DET.
you got 3 LD over 30 years old with expiring contracts none of which are any good. Leddy and staal suck. DeKeyser is made of glass.
Whole LD is probably gone next year. Unless you live in a cave you realize by now there is a massive shortage of defense in the NHL. FFS Jack Johnson is playing for COL right now. That should tell you something about the state of the league and defensemen.

So yeah, talk big, but when DET is looking for defensemen because most FA aren't going to want to come and play for the perpetual rebuild that is going nowhere team, and the prospects aren't ready at 20 years old, then needs for stop gap defensemen who are at least NHL level will be required.
When you don't have any players to really trade, the only other thing to work with is picks or taking cap dumps.
So you can keep having a defense of cap dumps like Staal, which do nothing but hurt the team and player development.

As for Zucker, he wouldn't OK a trade to DET, and he most likely gets traded to a contender. There are teams looking for help on LW. He's only got 1 more year on his contract after this year.
So if he's moved he's a glorified rental where ever he goes. He's also not a bad player. Not every guy is going to be a 40 goal guy. But plenty of teams don't mind guys who score at 20 goal paces.
Sure the salary is a bit high, but he's a capable player, and someone with cap room looking to make a push and has the space will take a run to improve the team knowing that contract in the end isn't going to be hard to move if they have to.
That's even if the penguins trade him. He might go next year, at which point, it will be a nothing of a deal as it's a pure rental and off the books.</div></div>
Detroit could go out and re-sign DeKeyser, Staal OR Leddy to fill one slot, play Osterle to fill another and then promote any one of Sebrango, Viro, Johansson or McIssac and that's IF they don't make a more reasonable trade to bring in a better fit. Detroit doesn't need another team's garbage to make it happen. Stop acting like you're doing us a favor that we have to accept.

Also, Edvinsson AND Wallinder aren't far away either...