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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 23 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 23 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Roysboy72</b></div><div>The Pelech and Pulock pairing isn't an issue, and Dobson should fit in nicely as the 2RD, but I'm not entirely sold on Salo. He may end up becoming good enough to play on that second pairing by this point in time, but as a 2017 draftee that has only played 4 NHL games (and not been particularly good in them) I'm not entirely sure he makes it to that level. He definitely could, don't get me wrong, but the clock is ticking. Merrill is a good pickup, he may be declining by the time this contract is signed but should be a decent stopgap. Grant Hutton might be able to play on a third pairing, but at this point in his career I can't see him being any better than a 7D. The main problem with the D-corps is not just that these are the players that make up 50% of it, but that there isn't anything better on the way. With the extra 5 million in cap space likely going to the expiring RFAs, there won't be any room to make an upgrade, meaning that the entire defense will have to be carried by only three players. Maybe by this time the Isles have picked another defenseman with a 1st rounder that could help, but it's entirely unknown whether or not that happens and whether or not that hypothetical defender lives up to his draft position. The entire situation just feels shaky to me.</div></div>

Salo would have been in NA last season if it weren’t for Covid. Instead he stayed in the SHL and was one of the best defenseman in the league. I believe he was top 3 in U23 scoring for D and he had very good underlying numbers , both offensively and defensively. He should have made the isles out camp, but Trotz is stubborn af. So far he’s arguably been the best two way D in the AHL this season. His floor is a 2nd pair D. He’s an elite skater with high IQ and can make plays in all 3 zones, the perfect partner for Dobson. Salo got thrown to the wolves in the NHL, played #1 minutes matching up against Auston Matthews and Sidney Crosby. It would be surprising for a rookie D to come in and win those matchups. Salo’s game is similar to Devon Toews, he has many translatable skills and a high floor.

Pelech and Pulock are #1 defenseman and project to provide that kind of value for the next 4-5 years. Dobson is also on a #1 trajectory. I don’t see how it’s an issue having 3 top pair caliber Dman, Robin Salo, and two defensive minded D on the 3rd pair . Not many teams can say they have 3 top pair caliber D.

I understand the concern on Hutton, but the early returns are good. His IQ is solid and he’s a fantastic skater for his size, seems good enough to be a #6 D and play with a proven shutdown D in Meriill.
Forum: Armchair-GMHier à 2 h 8
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NickC1988</b></div><div>It's the same problem every season, there's no scoring, you can only have so many defensive minded forwards in the lineup and win in the regular season for so long. Barzal is such wasted talent, the team has no finisher. Lee isn't what he was, Palmieri sucks. Spending $9M on goaltending when you can't score is just stupid. Pageau isn't worth his contract (never understood why they traded for him).

Boy, they could really use a semi-decent puck moving defenseman (cough, Devon Toews, cough). Dobson is probably going to cost more than that, he's been their only bright spot this season.</div></div>

They have trouble scoring because they broke up the backbone of their team (pelech-Pulock) which is the #1 reason the isles went to the ECF two years in a row. That’s on Trotz. It’s tough to score goals if you’re spending a majority of time scrambling in the Dzone because Trotz needs to have Greene and chara in the lineup at the same time.

Wahlstrom is a great finisher and by far the isles best winger this season. He’s the perfect winger for Barzal but the coach hates young players so he refuses to move him to the 1st line. Barzal was one of the best 5v5 producers in the league last season with Lee and Eberle - wasted talent 🤔

Trading Devon Toews was incredibly stupid, but the isles problems on D would have been solved by scratching Chara earlier in the season and replacing him with an average two way defenseman to play with Dobson. Pulock is an elite puck mover and Dobson is great as well. The isles D is being dragged down by two washed up pylons.
Forum: Armchair-GMHier à 22 h 57