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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NYR1983</b></div><div>Shesty is obviously a top 2 G and maybe the best. No question and no need to dispute him. Also completely different skill set. As for skaters, Fox and Zibby are definitely valued and maybe more valuable based on position/age/contract. But skill, NO. Zibby is absolutely one of the league’s best goal scorers and his PK and playing C are certainly very valuable. Fox, there’s few D that are at his level or better when it comes to skill, his age and position are more valuable but he isn’t more skilled. We just finished a few seasons of hearing about how Bread made Strome a 70pt guy hahaha and considering Strome was always his best line mate that’s sad. Fast and Blackwell were the guys filling the 3rd spot for the most part not to mention guys like hunt and Gauthier.. so basically Bread carried the 2nd line. If you read through some of my thread with the other guy here you can see some legit that’s and info proving these points. Now, what I can appreciate is the lack of knowledge, I much like yourself had no idea his skill level before I watched him play 82 games a season. The thing is he often doesn’t look like he is trying all the time, much like kovalev back in the day, but his numbers speak for themselves. Post CHI he never played much with anyone at the elite level of a Kane… PLD? No Strome? No… while you think I might be watching the wrong sport lmao you’re wrong. 🤣 oh and feel free to name #4 who is ahead of him if your feeling like being a 🤡 today</div></div>

You can try to rationalize it all you want, he's not a better OVERALL player than any of the 4 names I mentioned. Telling me who he has played with is completely irrelevant.

Also, his playoff performance is LOL funny...dude is soft as baby sh*t.

You're just a's okay, we all homer a bit for our own team. But you're objectively incorrect.
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