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I was born, until I died, then reborn as the Phoenix :).
Forum: Site Discussion 7 jui 2019 à 23 h 52
Forum: NHL 7 jui 2019 à 23 h 49
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>Did you have CBJ sweeping Tampa Bay though?

Are those 3 teams you mentioned in order?

About the UFAs, if nobody gives Gardiner 6M then he will probably sign for less. If nobody gives Dzingel 7M (idk what he wants) then he'll sign for less. 7M looks like too much for Dzingel IMO. But maybe that's what he wants, i don't know. Just coming up with a random number.</div></div>

Rangers only team in EAst to ever win Cup who won President Trophy which is a factor... No I didn't pick any sweeps or all the games in 1st round... I was upset I didn't play a bracket since thought I would go 8/8 in 1st round picking the right upsets... Always a few upsets in general, few tossups... I usually pick West or East perfect or the 1st round perfect... I've picked entire thing a few times... I usually don't pick how many games or pick 5 or 6 in general... CBJ was just due to finally win a series, they were I think division winner not long ago... Tampa always fades in playoffs or goalie gets hurt/falters.

1st favorite Team Kings, 2nd favorite Knights took over for Sharks who moved to 3rd Favorite for having laces... Islanders probably like my 4th or 5th favorite... Jets my favorite Canada team its complicated since like original w/ Bob Essensa Shut OUt King/Selanne... Islanders have laces so that made them fall from 2nd or 3rd a while back... I hate teams that have laces on uniforms, I'll even root against them... They tend to lose in SCF too... Only original 6 teams I think have won wearing laces liek Boston... In general the team that has no laces wins the cup...

CBJ tried to win now, I remember when they could only win at home... Now they are having bar fights expectations to get a Cup hehe... I sorta like their canyon uniforms but they look a lot like a Jets alternative if I remember. I wasn't shocked by any of the sweeps really... Hedman I think was hurt so that contributed to their sweep. I kinda thought Islanders would win in 5 over Penguins, but that day game when down 0-2 was too much to play at noon and win...

I don't think the UFAs will get as much as they want so will have to settle on less term or more years...
Forum: NHL 7 jui 2019 à 23 h 42
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>I only guess is that they love Reaves too much to trade him over Haula. I really have no possible explanation for why they kept Holdenother than he's a RHD. Those are a precious commodity these days. I def. agree that their D is terrible.</div></div>

I'm still mad they traded Riemsdyk or so to Carolina who they took in expansion draft... HE was a decent right shot D-man that had upside... They passed on Dumba who had value... HOlden is a left so not sure why they kept him making 2M+ when he awful besides being healthy scratch... Team isn't even good down left w/ all the left shot d-men they drafted... Garrison was in minors making like 3M for them to take Gusev but now they don't want pay him Ryan Reaves money at nearly 2-4M per season? Reaves getting paid 3M on cap when he was chewing gum in SCF boggles me... Goon Gallant is to blame to a degree for playing him basically every single game. Players like him shouldn't be playing 80 games or more a season who can barely manage 5-10 minutes of not even quality play. I can only imagine he has some sorta blackmail to get paid nearly 3M a year looking around league at other players. They let Bellemare got which is really kinda annoying he was I think a better value able to do what Reaves can but actually play quality minutes/score legit goals etc...

Least Sonny Black err Milano is on CBJ getting into street fights in NYC or whatever charge he got :)... Vegas with all its vices hasn't had a player on team get caught w/ a hooker or w/ pic of blow like that Kuznetsev or so on Capitals did ;).
Forum: NHL 7 jui 2019 à 23 h 38
Forum: NHL 7 jui 2019 à 23 h 35
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>The only teams that could possibly offer sheet him are teams that are already close to contending for the Cup. Otherwise, giving up four 1st rounders is suicide. Those picks will be high 1st rounders on non-contenders. That leaves teams like the Islanders, Devils, and MTL as possible teams. LAK would still suck next season even w/ Marner.</div></div>

Kings would least be a fringe playoff team if they signed Mariner if he is half the player people claim him to be... I"d rather them sign Laine from JEts since he is good for 30+ goals while Mariner never scored 30 in a season... HE is more setup so would fit Islanders much better... Also Devils had 1st overall pick twice in rigged lottery in 3 years... Kings since coming in as expansion never had 1st overall pick... Kings never drafted a forward in the top 10 who got paid 10M or more a season, Kopitar was 11th overall the same pick as the current bust Vilardi... Drew Doughty was 2nd overall, Kings have a real bad history in first round... Dustin Brown draft they had 3 first rounders getting him w/ Boyle and Tambellin... IN 2008 they had 2 1st rounders passing on King Karl at 13th to reach for Teubert but they landed Voynov in 2nd round... Knights had 3 first round picks but all the guys drafted before Glass will probably be better than him or anybody they took in initial draft...

Kings losing 4 first rounders to get a player like Mariner or even Laine would be wroth it... They could move Martinez back to playing LD where he belongs as a left shot... Ditch forbot, got some young D-men so it would probably be enough to get into playoffs in Pacific w/ Mariner or Laine. Kings could give offer that is right before the 4 first rounders too... Really 4th overall Kings drafting guys like Hickey or Aki Berg around there... 5th overall they took a bust in Turcotte for them besides Schenn... Lots of guys Exelby, Luke Schenn I think were drafted in top 10 or 5th overall only to basically bust or game changes making their value nill to nothing...

Islanders signing Laine or especially Mariner to offer sheet would be great to diss Canada :). Mariner I think fits in better on Islanders since they got more players able to score 30-40+ goals... I think Lee had like 40 goals, Brock NElson I Think is good for like 20-30ish... SEems they got more goal scorers compared to Kings who really got nothing... Carter/Toffoli combined didn't even hit 30... Kopitar is more a setup guy, even Vilardi is more an assist over goal scorer... Ilya looks like he isn't going to crack 20-30 goals on Kings but new coach might help since prior guy didn't like or use him. Either way Kings I think got enough cap space so its pointless to have 20M or so locked into Drew/Kopitar if not going to try to do something to win now :). I don't see why they signed DRew to that contract if team is in such shambles its just really stupid :).
Forum: NHL 5 jui 2019 à 21 h 38
Forum: NHL Signings 5 jui 2019 à 21 h 31
Forum: NHL 5 jui 2019 à 21 h 26
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Munsen88</b></div><div>I just watched the hockey guy on youtube talk about this. its something like 12.4 cap hit I think. I will throw out my guesses for the sake of conversation.....

Shannon thew out the Islanders but I think they would have to move someone to make the cap hit work. (i think, maybe?)

4- Ottawa. They have the cap and need to hit the cap floor. They have a nice stock pile of picks so losing 4 firsts wouldn't hurt too bad I think. But its Ottawa...
3 - Winnipeg. Cap space. But Laine needs a new contract, so eh.
2 - New Jersey- They are above cap floor but still have a ton of cap. Hall and Marner and anyone, that line might work.
1 - Colorado. below cap floor and make some moves a lot of y'all said looked weird. Avalanche are my pick. Mostly cause I don't want it to be the devils or anyone in the Metro thats not Philly.</div></div>

Thats funny I watch The Hockey Guy too mostly for his jerseys... I like Tara Fitzgeral she runs "The Glove Drop" on Youtube/Web and FB... She is a Rangers fan though who don't make enough daily videos to get to 100K where she belongs yet :). Keep an eye on her, I think she took some of the advice I gave her. Islanders were ready to pay Panarin about that same amt of money so I think they would have the cap room for it off hand :). I"d be shocked to see Jersey, Jets, or Senators even Avalanche sign him personally... I could see CBJ or Islanders since they might have enough cap space among a few others...
Forum: NHL 5 jui 2019 à 21 h 23
Forum: NHL 5 jui 2019 à 21 h 17
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rebecca</b></div><div>So very true. The Richards tax is almost this unique add-on you have to factor in for the Kings. They’ll have a party next decade when they’re done paying that off.

It’s mystifying when, given the implications for teams why *any* player with term left on his contract would retire instead of getting “injured” and being forced into LTIR. Not to say that many of the issues for why players experience career ending injuries are legit, but everyone knows (and everyone cheats) that most are not legit.

The reality is that these guys, having played professional hockey for 15/20 years are going to have some issue that some doctor somewhere could say would be worsened by playing hockey. Well, no ****, any doctor who cared about their patients would probably insist they avoid high-speed full contact sport like hockey. So given this fact, it was shocking that Luongo, with multiple years left on his contract actually RETIRED, capital R. I’m sure his groin, or back or something could be signed off on by a doctor but he chose to retire and in so doing DECREASE the cap hit of his old team (especially as they’re not likely going to be dipping into LTIR anyways). The fact Vancouver gets screwed in this case well, they don’t have much say.

I wonder if Vancouver could insist on Luongo undergoing a physical with their team doctor. I bet their team doctor would find issues that could mean they could unretire him and put his money on LTIR. Now that would be interesting.</div></div>

Players can retire at anytime for any reason not related to injury... You can't force a player to finish his contract on LTIR... Paul Kariya I remember trying to play in NHL was blocked by them saying his concussion history was too much of a risk...If anything these shady crooked doctors will claim somebody is injured to avoid any possible legal issues or since teams have millions... Bothers me since if ever try getting SSD will see how they screw over steal money deny claims... Yet guys can get millions of dollars, then even while disabled take jobs paying them 6 or 7 figures when they are perfectly fine... I"d say about 90% of those trying to get LTIR would be rejected if they were trying to get SSD or real disability... Somebody like Stars player who nearly died on ice, he would have a hard time ever getting cleared... Otherwise Clarkson, Lupul, Pronger, I remember Lupul tried to say he could play only for them to vanish him fast...

Problem is the Canucks deserved the recapture penalty for giving him a contract to circumvent the salary cap in first place... Richards/Carter/Shea Weber were all signed by Flyers, offer sheet puts Nashville on the hook if he ever retires... Carter if the Kings traded him or did something he didn't like could retire... Crosby or Malkin I think both of them would hit Penguins hard if they ever retire since their contracts were setup to stay lower to the cap... So all these 10-20 year deals teams were doing got shafted when they had that lockout... Yet for some reason Kings were stuck with contracts they didn't give on recapture bonus...

I think if player is on LTIR for more than 2-3 years he should have to retire basically... IN general the way LTIR is its just abusing system/players while mocking those really handicapped or unable to work... I"m a lot more disabled than anybody on LTIR in the NHL without any of the benefits. I just don't get how Toronto or other teams seem to give contract to Clarkson then are not on hook for any of the cap issues... Yet Kings, Knights, teams like that are in cap hell or getting shafted badly in many cases for situations they didn't create in first place... Vegas though did stupid things, instead of moving Clarkson they kept him only to suffer for it... They paid guys millions of dollars more than what they were worth then had to shed people who had value for trash...

I don't like the cap system its got too much dead money or ways to abuse it. All these players need to get on LTIR is a doctor to say they can't play for 10 games or 24 days... Power of healing or Mind Body Connection things like that... They have a well known author who Howard Stern touted many times... In a nut shell you can find structure damage in people who have no problems caused by it... While others have nothing they can find wrong but are disabled unable to move or do much... So most NHL players probably got some sorta herniated disc or disc damage they can claim makes them disabled... Though these days its easier to get mental health claim or obesity over actually being disabled or having a real chronic condition. Would be funny to see NHL player go on LTIR for being obese :).

Its weird too since I remember ILya retired for Devils with that huge cap circumventing contract... Then within last few years some other player voided his contract... I think he went to play in europe, he had a heft contract but walked away from it... HE had abandoned the team or was missing its really weird can't think of his name... Vinny Lecavlier or so was traded to Kings but agreed to retire so they wouldn't be on hook for his final year... He still had gas left in the tank, did well for them in playoffs playing center/PP/3rd line mostly... Flyers had him struggling on wing, so I think recapture might only apply to those 35+ or contract that were greater than 8 years. I"m not a 100% sure on that, even buyouts are weird, if time them can pay a lot less, maybe 1/3rd but most buyouts are 2/3rds. Many deals depend on real money or if team had insurance on the player... So they might ship the LTIR to same paying real money like I think the CBJ player Vegas got... I don't think they had insurance on him or something... Horton or something is another guy floating around. Pronger was the worst abuser I seen w/ this LTIR BS going on though :). Teams seem to manage the cap badly in general, I think way cap works only hurts the NHL. Mediocre teams don't really sell tickets or create excitement... Its like Just OK is not OK from AT&amp;T only they got the most mediocre LEslie Jones or some trash as their voice? Its like talk about below OK is alright if its AT&amp;T she isn't Wanda Sykes level :). I miss watching hockey when teams had 6 D-men who belonged in the NHL along w/ 12 forwards personally :). NOw its like which scrub team will have enough ELC or young players producing beyond their cap hit to even have a chance at a cup ;). Last few teams to win have made the 2012 Kings look like a Run &amp; Gun explosive exciting team... Granted their 2014 team was probably the most entertaining team to win Cup last decade hahaa :). That was enough excitement for the rest of my life personally to have to endure 21 games on way to easy SCF :).
Forum: NHL 4 jui 2019 à 12 h 25
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>I get your reasons for picking Columbus ... you must be pretty smart lol ... Are you saying you picked Columbus, Carolina, Dallas, AND Colorado to get out of round 1? I don't even know how many people picked 1 of them lol. You didn't pick CBJ to sweep Tampa Bay, did you?

I also don't remember Werenski being hurt last year in the playoffs.

Grubauer is a good enough goalie IMO. I don't see that as a problem.

Also, who's your favourite team? Jets? Stars? Someone else?</div></div>

I picked everything 100% right in East... That includes Boston BRuisn going to Cup final and losing... Everything in West was picked perfect except I had Jets beating Blues which was a tough pick or series to pick... Then I had Jets losing to Stars who would lose to Sharks... So yeah I had Sharks over Knights even though it didn't go as smooth as I liked... Boston I picked over Toronto because of the Reimer thing years ago... When Toronto looked like they had it won up like 2 or 3 goals? Then they collapsed so I always felt Bruins had Maple Leafs number... Sorta like Montreal often has their number, I remember PK Subban in some interview when they eliminated Boston on TV too :)...

Favorite Teams...

Favorite Team in East...

FAvorite CAnada TEam
Jets but I liked original Winnipeg though I hated Thrashers and Coyotes...

Well I've had a 158 as my lowest IQ score with like 181 whatever... CBJ I think had been a better team prior like they won division or were close... Its really like trend betting or going against the trend... Like something is going to have to happen at some point... So either a streak continues or it ends/new one starts... CBJ had a good team but they weren't going to be able to afford to keep it together... Shame in a way, like Jets I think had a window 2 years ago where they should have won cup w/ Stastny on team... Part of problem was the left shot D-men the coach used... By time he used better ones or made adjustments they were too far behind in the series...

I'm wondering if a few FAs will even get signed way things are going w/ teams in cap trouble too... They either seem to get over paid or not a dime... Where is the Dion PHaneuf watch will any team be dumb enough to sign that trash again :)?
Forum: Colorado Avalanche 4 jui 2019 à 3 h 07
Sujet: Grigorenko
Forum: Calgary Flames 4 jui 2019 à 3 h 04
Forum: NHL 4 jui 2019 à 2 h 57
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>I know you didn't try to set up an Oilers-Flames series, i'm just saying it would be fun to watch if it happens. Also, Ducks won the division 4 years in a row.

When you say it was the "only mistake" you made in the playoffs, do you mean you had Columbus beating Tampa Bay? If so, then you're magical lol :p

I don't really see the Stars finishing that high, but you never know. About the Blues, you could be right. Still, though, falling to 2WC after winning the cup ... could happen, would be interesting. Jets missing the playoffs isn't that bold, but finishing last behind Minnesota is pretty bold, or at least i'm pretty sure it is. You never know though.</div></div>

Yes I picked the EASt 100%... It wasn't magical just logic really... I think Tampa had HEdman banged up going into that series too or some other issues... Really it came down to not having any emotional investment in the outcomes like in the WEst for example... President trophy rarely wins, VAsy fades as the season goes on he gets tired/play declines... CBJ was my dark horse, they made the moves to go for broke... They were due to finally win a playoff series, just odds of everything they were going to win... They had choked before blowing leads like vs. Capitals in a series... The matchups, they had Weresnki or so who was hurt last year... Defense pretty good, players planning to cash in as UFAs like Panarin, they had Duchense I think too right? I know they made a bunch of moves were playing really hot down the stretch vs. a team who had clinched so long ago they were coasting... Other picks Islanders playing in Nassau coliseum always play Penguins tough who had issues of their own... Even when Turgeon got cheap shotted they beat Penguins... Having home ice, then the day game when Penguins went back home so early... System Islanders play would be really hard, I remember Islanders lost like Boychuck or some D-man which hurt... Carolina I figured would matchup well vs. them, figured Capitals would have hard time style they play etc... Boston I didn't like their defense enough so figured would lose in cup... IT was real tough but CBJ I didn't think had it in net since Boston had better backup if Rask faltered in Halak I think it was at time... West I just thought Jets should have won, they made some moves, kinda choked at home or in general... Blues would burn me anytime I picked them, I had Sharks winning in Cup or West in general so that was another mistake :). Stars or whoever won that series really was other team I thought would win... I wanted Sharks to win or them to face Stars so that influenced my picking in West... Even wanting to see JEts vs. Stars...

I think Stars would beat Blues in 1st round since refs would call more penalties... Colorado a lot depends on how their goalie plays... I'd see that as toss up, I'll pick Avalanche since they are a bit more up and coming... Sharks I think can beat out Chicago in like 6 or 7 in that scenario... Oilers in 7 in like a really brutal series haha... I figure Refs will favor Edmonton wanting to get McDavid into next round who is major marketing player for them... Lots could depend who starts shedding assets to avoid losing them to Seattle too :)... A few teams will go for broke like Nashville did even Penguins kinda do or seem to already do :).
Forum: Vegas Golden Knights 3 jui 2019 à 23 h 10
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>Would someone please try to explain to me how Vegas can possibly stay under the cap next season? They only have about $5.7M in cap space right now and that doesn't include Nate Schmidt when he returns from his 20 game suspension. Their cap hit next year will include significant raises to Fleury, Pacioretty, Tuch, and possibly William Karlsson. These raises will total a minimum of about $11.75M not including any possible raise for Karlsson. Where's the money gonna come from? I'd really like to know. Unless the cap goes up over $5M I don't know what they'll do.

I think that several of George McPhee's offseason moves will come back to bite Vegas. He overpaid Theodore by about $2M, gave Fleury a raise when he didn't have to, and spent way to much money and assets on the highly sought after UFA Paul Stasny and would-be UFA Max Pacioretty. It seems a little risky for GM George McPhee to risk the next 5 years of his franchise on the possible success of so many players on the back end of their careers. The 5 year plan or 7 year plan, I forget which it was, quickly became a one year plan when they reached the finals last season. Now, they've mortgaged a good portion of their future on Pacioretty (2G, 0A) and Stasny (0G, 0A) in only 3 games played this season. Big risk here. Big risk.</div></div>

While its too late now.. Not signing guys to contracts worth millions more than their value like Fleury making 7M or Max would have helped... Moving Trash Reaves would free up like 3M, ditching another waste in Holden would have saved another 2.2M or so... That would have given like 5M in cap savings or more... Maybe closer to 6M, if found somebody to take Clarkson contract that would have given another 5M even if he goes on LTIR it matters... Then moving an idiot like Eaken that tries to injure Joe wearing a cage would have freed another 4M... Then Haula is like or was 3M... Instead of doing that they traded only decent contract they had in Miller at under 4M their only right shot legit right defenseman... Who will cost them 4.5M to 5M to get a player not even as good like a Cody Ceci or Zaittsev who shoot right...

Vegas will finish last in Pacific missing playoffs... NOt having retained the 500K in the horrible tAtar deal would have been a nice plus for them too :)... Fire their head coach, then remove GM:GM, after that maybe bring in Ron Francis or somebody who has a clue like me :). I'm wondering will they trade Gusev like I said they would since they are blacklisted by Russians for most part after way they treated their player :)... 1 goal in 3 games but they ran him out of town for trash like Reaves :)... Who is not superman just a worthless player that even buying him out/Holden would have been better than what they did :).