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I was born, until I died, then reborn as the Phoenix :).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Grabo86</b></div><div>Regardless of whether or not you think it will happen, do you WANT it to happen?</div></div>

Really depends on the team... IF NHL isn't going to rig lottery to hand a top 1-3 pick like a Devils 2/3 years, Chicago/Rangers or Oilers getting like 4 1st overall picks within 10 years to be second behind original 6 Montreal w/ 5 for most ever... Then its a lot better idea in general, I don't think this particular player is worth it... I would only sign a franchise right shot D-man who can play 25-30 quality minutes a night... Like a Drew Doughty/Brent Burns 5-10 years ago for example... I woudln't invest that in a left shot D-men, Duncan Keith won Norris, Hedman, Giordona, all of them I'd take a pass including Suter ;)... Supply/Demand there only maybe 5 franchise right shot-d... Even less quality or #1 right shot D-men... While left shot guys I can find guys like Jake Muzzin or others who will be worth signing or drafting without dropping 10M or even 7M on them like a Vlasic. Franchise Forward would have to score like 50 goals, make players better like Super Mario over Wayne... Super Mario had guys end up in minors score like 50 goals in a season... Mark Messier won Cups without Wayne for a reason...

I'd rather offer sheet Laine good for 30+ goals a season... Mariner strikes me as like an Oates or somebody for assists... I remember Hull had somebody when he was trying for like 80 goals or a 100 when I think he was on Blues :)... I just don't think he is worth it getting 80/90 points if can't even get 30 goals hehe... Kings had 3 first round picks in Brown draft... Taking Brown, Boyle, Tambellini... Knights had 3 first round picks when they started but none of them has played for them... Glass their top pick will probably not be better than the 5 taken ahead of him 2 being all stars w/ Calder winning going to Canucks taken in that draft... Franchises that draft well or early it might not be worth it... IF guy is generational talent that great its worth getting them in prime then... Unless its a franchise Right Shot D-man I probably woudln't give up the 4 1st rounders... Maybe I'd do the 2 1st rounders offer without blinking an eye though :)... Kings had 2 1st rounders this year, in Drew Doughty draft they passed on Karlsson w/ their 2nd 1st round pick to take a total bust :)...
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>How many times has the President's Trophy winner lost in the opening round? What about getting swept in the opening round? Has it ever happened before? I really don't know.</div></div>

Took me a while to look something up related to this or find it hehe... The Hockey Guy did a video recently where he talks about President trophy winners but didn't get into detail... Tampa made history by being the first President Trophy team to win (The lets get swept sweepstakes)... Last to get a Cup in season don't even really count since it was Blackhawks in the sham short 2013 between the legit Cups Kings won back to Back :)... Kings in 2012 beat President Trophy team in 5... They started every series 3-0, winning Cup 16-4 in 4 games... Only team they swept was Blues in 2nd round... Kings beat the 1st/2nd/3rd seed so VAncouver in 1st round was President Trophy winner at time... They won it back to back, then fired coach, who ended up taking Rangers to cup, while Torts took Canucks to cleaners... Kings beat the NHL in 3rd/WCF getting past the Coyotes... Calgary I know when they made last cup beat like 1st/2nd/3rd seed as 8th seed but can't recall if they played President's Trophy winner... Its possible if it was Detroit they were still in the West...

Thrashers I know got swept when they won division title, why Jets had never won a series until that recent run :). President Trophy only team ever swept was Tampa, getting bumped in 1st round has happened like Kings over Canucks in 2012 wasn't probably first or only time... I just remember growing up I think Keenan was coach of Chicago when they won it but lost from making a few bad trades if remember right. Rangers I thought made a bad trade w/ Amonte but Step on My Toe was good in playoffs or some BS :)...
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>Why do you care which teams have laces on their jerseys? Also, when you say you picked the "entire thing" sometimes, what do you mean? You picked the winner of all 15 series correctly? Really?</div></div>

Yeah but I used to do keeper/fantasy leagues from 90's...Watched playoffs as long as can remember as a kid prior to that too... I had to do scores in a few leagues... Doing all those box scores, looking stuff up on-line or finding the newspapers which often had errors in them... I will usually look at the goalies first... Is team able to win w/ what they got in net or have a backup who can win some games, series, championship if things don't go well... Team most people expect to win probably isn't going to win... Certain years its a lot easier to pick depending on who plays when... When they used to like have the reseeding its hard to not pick 100% in a way... Either going to be all right or pretty much wrong... Now its a bit easier way its locked in to pick decently... Like I should have went w/ Blues winning cup then I would have been 100% basically... I picked at times who I wanted to win or should win instead of who will actually win... If just do straight talent it tends to not pan out... Injuries are another factor, money players who produce in playoffs... Home ice advantage, who is good on road/bad at home/road, certain teams match up badly or well depending... Splits from doing fantasy would see certain players score heavily vs. teams or struggle on others... Justin Williams Mr Game 7 helped to pick say Kings... In 2012 I felt they were team of destiny, even thought would win in 2014 but was a lot harder...

Laces are stupid, they look like an untied boot or something... Mental illness wont let have laces since its a risk of hanging or whatever... So then limits where can wear them or if visit such a place... Only original 6 teams I think should ever have laces on uniform... I hate the untied stupid laces the most... Then the other laces where its just the dumb laces but not hanging... Its like a stupid hoodie, its like wrestling will make t-shirts that don't look like its for wrestling... I felt kinda weird or so wearing my Sabu t-shirt when got stuff signed at mall... Something like RVD w/ the 420 dragon I can wear anywhere without anybody looking oddly... Its pretty cool but nobody would know its a wrestling t-shirt... Sabu says something like Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal so its kinda tough to were casual or not stand out as a wrestling t-shirt :). Islanders dropped for changing uniform/laces off my list pretty far... There was time it was Kings/Islanders/Sharks... Then it was Kings/Sharks/Islanders for them moving out of NY or other factors... I grew up w/ Sports Channel West/East Coast so saw all the metro teams/California ones... My favorite players got traded to Kings so they became my favorite team... I was big fan of Kelly Hrudey, Palffy, others who got traded there... They started the Silver/Black uniforms which were really cool to help sorta sway... I don't think I'd ever buy a jersey w/ laces, I thought of getting a #8 on sale but they mostly laces crap jerseys... I only would buy/wear the current black jersey of Sharks but I want teal :).

I know there kids who would wear their shoes untied... Or knotted laces... Any I know who have laces on jersey don't tie them either... So its all this untied stupid look. I watch The Hockey Guy for jerseys, yet I hate or disdain any that have laces... I'm not even happy about Jets weird jersey they got like jets written like some little league team crap... I loved the old original Jets jerseys, which is rare for me to like a white jersey... Islanders are probably one team I always liked their white but sorta hated their blue ones etc ;). Only current jersey I like at all from Islanders is the black no laces NY, they wore I think for stadium or outside game... I hate their laces or the orange they use for some odd reason :). I contacted Knights ahead of time to plead for them to omit any laces from uniforms :). I did all I could, Knights started as my 2nd favorite team behind Kings for listening enough to ban laces ;). I told them they could always do a 3rd jersey if they wanted to do laces/sell them... I like their All Star Jersey w/ the faded black a lot too... A few teams I liked that jersey, Vegas probably is my favorite or top 2-3 in that all star style though :).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Brian2016</b></div><div>The Drew Doughty contract isn't the problem. He's one of the elite D's in the league. The problem in LAK is the following underperforms: Carter, Kovalchuk, and Toffoli account for $16M+ AAV. All three were terrible last season. Then, they're paying Phaneuf $8M+ over the next 4 seasons to "just go away." They're still paying Mike Richards, and will continue to pay him, for about another decade. And finally, they have not gotten any meaningful contributions from their young players. I don't blame them too much for this b/c they depleted their draft picks and prospect stockpiles during their Cup runs.

There it is: The myriad reasons LAK are terrible and will finish bottom 2 again next season in the Pacific. And bringing in Mitch Marner, or anyone else for that matter, will not be enough to propel them into the playoffs. They won 2 Cups...And now they need to rebuild.</div></div>

There is no point paying Drew Doughty 11M a year on a team going no place... Jeff Carter had a bad season not recovering from injury while playing with trash... Dustin Brown I'm shocked hasn't been bought out yet when he was churning out those 30ish point seasons at nearly 6M cap hit... Kings are in $$$$$hitpit Pacific where only Sharks seem likely to be lock to make playoffs if anybody at all... I call it that since there is a lot of money sunk on certain players without anything to show for it....

Kings cap issues are as follows...
Quick 5.8M cap hit has been their worst goalie costing them Martin Jones, Ben Bishop, and Darcy Kuemper to name a few who performed better... They got Jack/Cal who both better than him...
Brown 5.75M cap hit... I had him being bought out but he had better season but Kings too stupid to trade him...
Ilya UpChuck 6.25M cap hit on a team that needed a right shot D-man if anything not another over priced winger past his prime a decade ago or 5+ years :)...
Those guys alone are nearly 18M when factor in trash like Forbort making 2M+ its over 20M for trash crap... Add another 21M for Kopitar/Drew its clearly why Kings are not winning that 3rd cup this year.

Essentially for 42M dollars of payroll over 50% Kings have Dung Doughty, Krapitar, Brown, Quick, and Ilya :)...

Having 16M+ is still better than Vegas who has over 17M for 5 D-men that all suck... Really over 18M if factor in minimum 700K or Engellend's contract :). Vegas will be in last place without any Cups... Kings got 2 more Cups than Vancouver who has President's trophy or Division titles compared to the Kings 1 :). Sharks still can't win a cup but sinking in all that money haha... Kings would easily be fringe playoff team in weak Pacific w/ Laine or Mariner as offer sheet free add though... Getting rid of Forbort makes their defense vastly better... Moving Martinez back to left side where he belongs helps matters too... All their young D-men are better than any of the older ones they had like Forbort or Phaneuf :). Roy they are kinda high on, Walker is alright, LaDue seems constantly in dog house... They only have to play combined like 25-35 minutes a game w/ Drew on right side... Joakim Ryan was decent even if he is a 3rd pair... Ryan, Forbort, Martinez, MacDermid, Clague, Brickley, any of them is probably better than anything Knights got shooting left or right haha... They got Durzi or so from the Muzzin trade if he pans out this year it would help matters...

I think Kings were stupid to sign Kopitar to 10M, I"d trade his ass before signing him for anything in that range... His knee injuries or other issues are enough... Drew can only decline, they should have traded him for value as well... If team moved on from both of them, traded or bought out Brown they would be in better shape... Sooner they fire Blake the better, he screwed up losing every trade he has made. His drafts are not looking great w/ Vilardi seeming to be another bust like Turcotte will be for them... Both were ranked 4th for North American Skaters from site Wikipeida uses :)... While the 2nd place European skaters won Calder for Canucks in Vilardi draft I wonder how the Russian who they took at like 10th will do :).

Kings would be in much better position to win a cup if had moved on from Quick, Brown, not kept Forbort, never traded for Phaneuf... Banned Gaborik from playing in those stupid world cups that ended his career getting hurt in game he scored like 2 goals in. Still to shed his 4.85M or so, Blake ends up taking on like 7M if include other player he got from Senators in that deal... Then another 6M for stupid Ilya move? So they spend about 13M instead of having Gaborik's 4.85M or so as LTIR :). Mike Richards contract will be on books for Kings longer then Luc, Blake, or that idiot coach they just hired :). I can't wait until Turcotte refuses to sign with Kings :). If Kings need to rebuild why would they hire the worst possible coach for something like that :)? If he can't win w Sharks or Oilers, I guess they figure this will get them a lottery pick :)? Montreal has 5 1st overall picks, Oilers are 2nd w/ like 4 of them ;)... Almost all 4 in a small span like 3 in a row then McDavid... Kings never drafted 1st overall so maybe if they had league rigging lottery for them instead of against they would have talent instead of trash :)? Kings never hit on a forward in top 10 that is making 10M or more a year :). So I guess they would find a way to take Aki Berg or Hickey even if they had a decent pick :)...
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div>I'm pretty sure you're kidding about the NHL draft lottery. The way you're saying it makes it sound like you're being serious but I'm pretty sure you're kidding. It's not fake like you're saying it is. I don't understand what you're saying about the numbers. You say they give teams they want to win the lottery numbers that are more likely to be drawn, but every combination is just as likely. No combination is more likely than any other. What do you mean "3 digit numbers"? You said "it's pretty easy to assign 3 digit numbers to teams knowing how likely they are to be drawn". You mean 4-number combinations? Can you explain to me, though, how any one combination is more likely than another? I don't get your logic for that ...

The NHL doesn't care who wins the cup. Even if they do, they're fair about it. I really don't get how it could be fake. Yes, the Oilers won the draft lottery 4 times in 6 years ... or did they? That's what people say, but it's not true. They won it 3 of those years. The Devils won the draft lottery in 2011, but the Oilers still ended up with the 1st overall pick. The rules were different for the lottery back then, so whoever won the draft lottery would move up 4 spots. So, any team in the top 5 could get 1st overall, but if you're 6th last you could only go as high as #2. The Devils were 8th last i believe, so they moved up to 4th. Edmonton still needed some luck but they didn't actually win the draft lottery. And then yes, they won it 3 out of 6 years, but they were near the bottom of the league in all those years. They weren't a very good team, so it's not like it's really that crazy. Yes, it was very lucky that they won those draft lotteries, but it's not as weird as it seems. 2 out of 3 for the Devils isn't that much. The other year they couldn't win it as they were in the playoffs, but the 2 years that they did it wasn't too unlikely. They have also been pretty bad in recent years other than 2018 when they made the playoffs.

That's just not how the NHL works though. There are some things i don't like about it. All hockey fans have their things they don't like about the NHL. But they aren't unfair to teams. The lottery is a real thing and it's not rigged. What I want to know is how the results got leaked before the announcement of the picks. Idk if you know what i'm talking about or not. On a Swedish TV channel or something like that (idk if it was Swedish, but it was a European TV channel) when it was going to commercial you could see New Jersey, NY Rangers, and Chicago on the side. It didn't show the order of the top 3, but it showed who the top 3 were. That's confusing to me ...

What I don't get is that it was showing Sportsnet's draft lottery board or whatever you want to call it ... but that hadn't been done yet. Unless they had been testing it out before. How would they have that set up though? If you look it up you should be able to find the picture. Maybe you saw when it happened, i'm not sure. That doesn't mean anything for it being rigged though. It's not rigged. I'm just confused how that happened. Nobody in the room was supposed to know the results of the draft lottery. So, maybe before everyone got there they were testing it out right after the lottery had been drawn. Have you seen the lottery drawing videos? Those show the draft lottery being drawn. I don't think it's fake. Almost no one thinks it is. I still think you're kidding.

Those rankings confuse me. Where is Hughes on that list? And you're probably the only one who thought Cozens might fall to 22nd. I would have been absolutely shocked if that had happened. If Kakko had gone 1st Hughes would have gone 2nd. I just don't get how he could have gone anywhere past that. Picking him 1st was probably the right choice by New Jersey. I really don't get what you're saying. Where did you have him ranked? I might be confused about your rankings. If you didn't have him in the top 3, you must have had him 4th, right? Even that is way too low. The lowest i could have seen him going was 2nd. I had him 1st though.

You said "they were going to make sure Penguins won the cup." Who is they? Who was going to make sure Pittsburgh won? The Predators? That can't be what you're saying, because they were going to try to win it themselves, obviously. I remember that being a not very good call, but it was still 0-0 in game 1 if i remember correctly. You turned out to be right. Pittsburgh won. But still, how could you "know they were done" when the two teams were COMPLETELY EVEN. They weren't even down 1-0 in game 1. Even that is way too early. Down 2-0 in the series is too early. They actually came back and tied the series before losing the next 2 and losing the series. Down 3-0 is maybe when you can say they're basically done, but teams have come back from that before. Still, though, if a series is 3-0, that's when it really seems to be over. Even then it isn't over but that's when it's basically over.

Now, can you explain your logic about some numbers being more likely than others? All 1001 combinations are just as likely as each other. 11, 12, 13, 14 is a redraw, so that makes 1000 combinations each with the same chance to be drawn.</div></div>

YOu are free to believe moon landing is fake or real.. Perception is reality... IF think teams draft where they are because of some random balls in a lottery that isn't rigged I can only laugh... Results when applied to the odds they claim don't add up... Same team drafting 2/3 years like Jersey or Oilers having all those in a row isn't random its on purpose... Devils had money issues, Ilya retired, team being sold, NHL had to help the franchise... NHL shares revenue, if any franchises are losing money it hurts the entire league as a hole... Penguins before getting their last 2 cups heavily pushed by NHL were in money trouble talk of selling team... Just like when Crosby was selected by them to be allowed to be their 1st overall pick... So NHL is going to influence events to try to get strongest franchises they can... Calling Vegas to claim the major penalty they called was wrong saying they are sorry? Refs being sent home for not producing results the NHL wanted like Sharks... Islanders having goal taken away w/ penalty on goalie interference they couldn't review because its a penalty in a game they lost 1-0 in OT... Islanders having goal taken away saying guy kicked it in behind his own red line? How can guy kick a puck in behind the goal line when it just hits his skate in a fluke without any distinct kicking motion having it go in off goalie? matt Martin having been called off sides on review when he wasn't... Very easy to edit video to show what they want happened these days... You can edit video in a matter of seconds without even factoring mistakes/optical illusions :)...

You probably think Pro Wrestling is real or not predetermined... Everything is influenced, there is a reason certain teams get shafted... NHL heavily favors original 6, look into history... Will see how things were setup for them including free agents/drafts. They added the expansion teams to be jobbers kinda like in pro wrestling in first place... Currently the NHL draft lottery is rigged 100% to select who picks where... Unless they make changes it has no validity its so clearly rigged anybody who is blind can see it clear :).

People believe Easter Bunny is real... SAnta is real... God is real, Religion is real, perception is reality. Gambling, knowing how the balls work for lottery its without doubt to be rigged. I'd rather have 16 balls for each team who misses playoffs when Seattle comes in... Live drawing where logo of team is all need to know who wins then factor in any trades they made w/ that pick etc... I also think lottery should be done year prior so know ahead of time where finish/pick... Things like that eliminate tanking, teams have drafted 1st overall who don't deserve it or not improved enough to matter... Oilers/Devils amt of 1st overall picks those teams have had since the rigged lottery is insane... NHL wants to control where the big name players end up... They don't want a generational talent going to a team like LA Kings over a NY Rangers or even metro teams like Devils or Islanders are more ideal... Big markets tend to be better fits for high profile players... I think Mathews would be better off in USA, there is no mistake that he ended up on Toronto though never forget that... I think McDavid in Edmonton is a mistake, NHL wanted him there... Guys playing in Buffalo or Florida are virtually unknown or even CBJ not many know Werenski compared to say Seth JOnes :). NHL is about making money, growing the league, keeping franchises doing well from the top to bottom... Blues vs. Carolina woudln't have been ideal or even CBJ so they made sure Boston was the team to advance to SCF... In West I think Sharks were better choice, NHL wanted to trot out some sick kid ending Blues long streak without winning as letting in Expansion Seattle... Hoping to make Ryan O'Reilley more name/easier to market among perhaps some others... Like his story of giving away a guitar, things like that, since Bettman took over the NHL has been rigged to least a degree... Montreal being last team from Canada to win isn't a mistake, unless believe my curse is to blame for Canada not winning since cheating Kings ;)...