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19 jun 2017
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I was born, until I died, then reborn as the Phoenix :).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>rangersandislesfan</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Daoloth</b></div><div>

The real question is why would Drew Doughty stay in LA after already winning 2 Cups? I'll answer why I think he might leave...

1. Kings have not done anything since winning the last Cup... So there is no reason to stick around to lose when able to get 10-12M+ from almost any team or location in NHL.

2. Kings have played Drew with a lot of crap, Robyn Regehr, Scuderin when they got him back, Forbort the 1st round bust they took instead of Tarasenko or others...

3. Taxes/Cost of Living in California a red light ticket that get in mail might be like 850 dollars, in NY it is like 80 or something like that. Beyonce with Jay Z can't even find a home in LA they like for 80M.

4. Tampa I could see him paired with Hedman, that would be a major upgrade over Muzzin being the best player he has that is a left shot or maybe Martinez.

5. Politics, California has people trying to leave USA, its becoming less safe to live if look what happened to guy who did Black Christmas, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, Look whose Talking etc.

6. Rob Blake left Kings for more money after winning Norris so history tends to repeat itself even if the players are different.

7. If he is still a top right shot D-man like top 5 he can just about pick his team so will have LA trade him probably or just walk away leaving them with nothing since he has all the leverage and cards.

8. Kings could be rebuilding, they have the bad Dustin Brown contract combined with the Kopitar bust, if don't return to post season could trade Carter among other players and buyouts.

<strong>9. Quick has had injury problems even when won Cups he had Back Surgery then the broken wrist or so against Rangers. So if he can't find his game/health they will probably lose Drew and others.</strong>

10. Drew might not be happy in LA, he clashed with Sutter, he isn't getting much help on Defense having to play heavy minutes in all situations taking a toll on his body that can shorten his career...</div></div>

How does Jonathan Quick have anything to do with this?</div></div>

Because Drew is going to either wanna play for a team that is a threat for the cup, or make the most money. If Quick can't stay healthy, LA isn't a threat for the cup anytime soon. And their cap situation certainly isn't going to let them pay Drew what he could get with another team that isn't up against the cap.
Forum: NHL21 jun 2017 à 12 h 47