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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>evelutions2</b></div><div>Canes reject that in a heartbeat. Not saying that it isn’t proper value, but Drury holds so much more value to the Canes than he would to any other team. He will more than likely be the successor to Staal’s role when the time comes for Staal to retire. Plus, considering the fact that Drury is almost guaranteed the 4C role next season, he isn’t being traded. The Canes would be more likely to move him for Philly’s first round pick this year and another piece, based on his value to the Canes, not to the Flyers mind you, but anything short of that the Canes shouldn’t and won’t consider. And while that would be a massive overpayment for someone who would end up as a 3C, if Staal were to leave, the only prospect the Canes have that has the potential to replicate what Staal does is Drury. And that is invaluable to the Canes.

And for JVR, everyone will be looking at the Marleau trade as the best comparable. Either Philly pays the first to dump him, or they just suck it up and either buy him out or play him and hope to get value with retention. He had 1 pt more than Marleau and was more expensive. It’s a first or nothing.</div></div>

I kind of tend to agree with the whole Drury thing. Where I disagree is if the Canes think Staal has even 2 more years at 3C, all of a sudden Drury is 24 and not on an ELC anymore, not to mention I personally think its harder to grow in a 4th line role (although the Canes seem to get more value out of their bottom 6 than most of the league). Definitely could see why the Canes wouldn't move him under any circumstances though

Regarding JVR, I think Dadonov is a better comp. Marleau was older with roughly equivable, if not worse previous 2 season results (JVR had a very strong 20/21) and Toronto was in a more dire situation to move him. Not to mention he played on a roster with Matthews and prime Tavares as their 1C/2C, while JVRs linemates this season were...... let's just say he didn't have as good of linemates lol. Any team acquiring JVR can retain 50% at the TDL and double down to get additional assets, Philly won't give a 1st to move him and I think if a team had the space and a 2nd was the best offer that it'd be enough