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Forum: Tampa Bay Lightning29 sept. 2023 à 21 h 17
Only a two period review. Stream sucked in the third period. Camera glitches, lag. Just didn't feel like watching anymore because of it.

Lines -

Sheary Cirelli Eyssimont (best line and really like this trio)
Jeannot Glendening Motte (really like this line. Great energy group)
Chafee Robert Goncalves (also great energy group by Robert and Chafee. Goncalves set those two up for success)
Walcott Szturc Edmonds (line was not a factor)

Bogosian Fleury
Carlile Thompson
Day Myers (pair was nothing special)

Johansson (Played pretty good. Made the saves he was supposed to and was composed in the net. Also made some big saves. Solid performance)

Motte- great motor tonight, throwing hits and going to work below the dots. Good game from him

Bogosian - veteran calm and patience highly evident

Robert - very impressed by his game tonight. flying around the ice. Had the puck alot. Scored and was a big factor offensively

Goncalves- his playmaking instincts are, should I say elite??? Makes passes everytime the puck is on his stick. Manages to find a lane or create a play when it looks like there is no play to be made. Great angling on the fore check in the neutral zone and finishes the play with a takeaway. Overall another very good game from him.

Jeannot had a big hit before going to the bench. Bad positioning and anticipation on the penalty kill. Over commits to chasing defenseman on the blue. Puck watching when the puck is on the opposite side that he is on. Oblivious to a dman creeping backside for a great 1 time opportunity on a cross seam pass that went right by him

Cirelli is Cirelli

Sheary had a visible game offensively.

Eyssimont played very well and his offensive skills improved a lot this summer. The top line had great chem and chances tonight. All three were factors and played well individually.

Edmonds was invisible. Touched the puck once. Had a toe pick without the puck and overall just was a non factor.

Carlile wasn't very noticable either tonight.

Thompson handled the puck well and did a good job QB'ing the powerplay

Cirelli Jeannot (Jeannot needs big improvement on the PK)
Fluery Bogosian

Glendening Motte

Motte Cirelli Sheary
Bogosian Eyssimont (good spot for Ace)

Chafee Robert Edmonds
Thompson Goncalves

Game notes (not a ton, just some events I jotted down)

Carlile - dzone holding penalty @10:24 left in the first

Glendening and Motte great 2 on 1 PK chance, Glenny hits post

Walcott Sheary 2 on 1 PK chance. Great shot by Walcott but big save

Penalty is killed.

Cirelli takeaway and walks from the corner to the front of net and goes top shelf on the backhand.

Carolina penalty late in the first
-killed off

2nd period

Top line great rush. Cirelli cuts across the slot and feeds Ace who rips a shot form the left circle but Perets makes a great save

Eyssimont great through the legs pass to Sheary who streaks for a breakaway and hits the post

Robert with a powerplay goal. Jabs in his own rebound after a great release on a one timer. Sheary to Eyssimont who spins and makes a great feed to Sheary who goes backdoor to Robert who got robbed but then finds his rebound. 2-0
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