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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Subbanator7667</b></div><div>Petry is already signed, Tatar likely traded, Armia and Lehky most likely take cheaper deals for longer term or are moved on from, Danault and Gally probably get raises

than you just fill the roster with chea guys</div></div>
Good explain, people are so dumb thinking Montreal's in **** next year but let me add to this.
Seattle takes either Armia, Lehkonen, Edmundson or Chiarot saving a minimum of 2.4M$ (Up to 3.5M$)
Allen's gone for Primeau to come in, saving Montreal around 3.5M$
Weal doesn't resign and will likely be replaced by a rookie saving us another 700k but it'll get canceled with Petry's extension.

In the end Montreal will get by not moving anyone (which is unrealistic to think) between 6 and 7M$ of new money under a flat cap to spend on 5 players who are already making some money (Only KK on ELC).
If Tatar stays he should get the same kind of paycheck that he already makes, 5M$ for a two-way 20 goal scorer's fine. No new money needed.
Gallagher is said to be the highest paid Canadiens player so I'm guessing something in the 6.25-6.5M$? 2.75M$ of new money needed.
Kotkaniemi would be intelligent to take a bridge after being sent down in the minors this year I don't think he'll break the bank with a long term deal so something like 3M$ bridge deal? 2M$ of new money needed.
Lehkonen and/or Armia must sign for the same amount of money, none has been exponentially better to warrant much of a raise.
That leaves us with Danault that could use between 1.25-2.25M$ of new money once again considering the Seattle expansion AND no personal movement in the next 12 months. It's impossible to think Danault will make more money than guys like Barkov, Point or Karlsson, maybe something around Couturier or Backlund kind of money would be more realistic? People need to stop thinking that Danault could ask for Crosby money.
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