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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 8:47 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheThunder</b></div><div>Are the Canadians deeper than VGK? No
TB? NO NYI?No I'll be shocked if they take VGK to game 6 before they give Them the congratulatory handshake. Beating Toronto didn't surprise me the way it happened did,but not the results. Historically teams that play 7 and face a team that swept the previous round win that series at an almost 3/4 clip so again no big shock here to me. Now they have REALLY TOUGH COMPETITION</div></div>
Have you made the same kind of comment to other teams over the years?
Vegas 2017-18: Congratulations on making it out of the by far weakest division.now You have to play teams that actually defend, and are deep.
San Jose in 2018-19: Congratulations on making it out of the by far weakest division.now You have to play teams that actually defend, and are deep.

Likely not yet they've both came out of the weakest division and that just shows your bias. The reality is that both Toronto and Winnipeg were in the leagues top 12 in goals for (3.32 and 3.04GF) but when facing Montreal's new age trap they could only get a 2.18GF average, yeah Tavares and Scheifele were out so there was a little help from Mrs Luck but let's not kid ourselves thinking they would've been able to contribute to a goal per game. Reality is that Montreal's defensive system in the playoff has been suffocating opposite offenses and our top 4 (Weber, Petry, Eddy, Chiarot) were all cherry picked from western teams for a purpose, they're used to Western type of games.
I'm not saying I'm convinced Montreal is going to win against Vegas but everyone is already scratching them off their board like they did through the first two rounds and like they've done in 2012 with the Kings, if we weren't playing the games Colorado and Tampa Bay would already be in the Stanley Cup finals so wait for games to be played and enjoy.
Forum: Armchair-GM 7 jun à 10 h 42
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>Changing the coach is priority number one. Imagining the Jets with Gerard Gallant as the coach gets me giddy.

They need a 1RD so badly. They have to go after hamilton. Side Stanley into oleksiaks spot (Stanley is the only bright spot of this series, he’s arguably been the Jets best dman and is likely a top 4 guy) and then move Heinola to 3LD.</div></div>
-I feel like Gallant's a fit in Columbus, don't know why but just a feeling. He could start a rebuild and you know he'd be able to properly look at your prospects but he'd be good in Winnipeg too.
-It kinda shows how bad the defense is when Stanley's the best one in your eyes. On the other side of the table (Montreal fan with limited films of him) I see nothing great coming out of Stanley in this series except being big. Need to say I liked him and Gawanke very much but does he showcase a great offensive side, no. Is he able to follow faster than average guys, no. You compare him to Oleksiak but I find a better comp at this point is kinda Sustr, they've both been productive in the pre-pro career (NCAA and OHL), are big and under average in the mobility department. He may have a couple great seasons down the line but I don't think he'll return his first round draft capital to the team.
-You're right Winnipeg should throw all the money they got for any top pair dman available and they might want to go the offer-sheet route, one team in particular might be a target this offseason. They've got a big ELC up, a big impact player ready for a big pay raise and not much coming off the books this year and this team is the Colorado Avalanche. Are you going to get Makar? Likely not but I'd say they have to give it a try and if they don't want to throw first rounders out they could target Timmins instead which would still be an upgrade for you yet not that bonafide top pairing. A 4 years (UFA minus 1 year if I'm correct) 10.9m$ offer for Makar could make things tougher for Sakic this summer and you guys can afford it with big contracts coming up now.
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