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Sujet: Chiarot
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey91</b></div><div>Yeah he’s definitely not playing above weegar ekblad montour forsling on this teams pairings. <strong>So bottom pairing d man</strong>. He is not worth a first in any life time but someone will over pay and give a first and a third no way are they getting a high end prospect and a pick. So you’re right about the first. Panthers dont have a first this year so I doubt they are trading next years at this deadline.</div></div>
Now there's the error in your values, you're not saying he's a bottom pairing defender, you're saying he will be <strong>on your team </strong>because you already have four better options which puts him on your third pair. Do the same exercise with Edmonton, is he playing behind Nurse? Yes. Bouchard? Likely as he's a natural RD. Is he playing behind Keith, Lagesson or Koekkoek? Likely not. So following your process Chiarot is a second pairing defender. Coming back to your team, if Weegar breaks a leg just before the playoff and Montour is ill for a couple of games in the first round, does Chiarot automatically becomes a top four because you don't have those players now? Don't mix up the value he'll have on your team because of good depth versus the average (League wide) positional value (Not talking trade value here).

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>The Savard trade is the template here guys, whether you think Chiarot is better or not. Late 1st and a 3rd/4th. Maybe if there is enough overbidding by teams a lesser prospect will be lumped in also.

The best return the Habs will get will be trading Chiarot to the team that has the least chance at going far in the playoffs.</div></div>
Exactly, people automatically think 'top 20' when a first rounder is traded but in this case it's very likely a late rounder which has about the same value as an early 2nd yet because guys are seeing "1" in the trade offer they go nuts. Late first rounders are getting thrown around every year at TDL, this one will be no different.
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