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24 jan 2018
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Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 14 heures
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 14 heures
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>the fact that haley played a game when we had less than 9 injured players is a joke. were watson, gudbranson, paquette, and josh brown seriously not enough muscle to take on... nathan beaulieu? and like... adam lowry? who tf is scary on winnipeg :|

white playing 2 games to date when he should be a top 9 regular is a joke. anisimov may have had a good camp but he’s been garbage and i don’t like him. i like paquette but he’s been garbage and doesn’t deserve a permanent spot when we have this much depth and youth. chlapik should get a shot, logan brown should get a shot, white should be a fixture, haley should never play again. i haven’t hated the bottom 3 most of the time (reilly, wolanin, coburn, j brown) but none of them has been amazing either as far as i can tell. with this much depth and a taxi squad, zub should get a shot and brannstrom should get a shot. hell i wouldn’t hate seeing aspirot get a shot, just change something up, promote youth and accountability, don’t promote mean and old because you can. these guys were brought in to support the kids not to be used as an excuse to bench them. if dj smith won’t do it dorion needs to have a chat with him. this is a crucial year for us and the kids need to be developed properly, which nobody can do from the press box</div></div>

For real... Hell Nick Paul fought Nate Beaulieu last year lmao. And did better than Haley did too.

As far as the Defense, i think we've seen a significant enough gap between Coburn and Reilly and Wolanin, that there's basically no reason for him to be in the lineup if both of those guys are healthy. J.Brown has looked solid as the 3rd RHD, but he and Coburn just get shelled together. J.Bro can be a strong defender, but he needs someone who can exit the Zone.

As for Paquette, I think that experiment was coming to an end, even prior to the injury that took him out of the game. He played just 5:30 through two periods and didn't play in the 3rd, so he was on pace for like 8 minutes, which would be a huge cut from the 11-13 minutes he's been at so far this year. I expect Chlapik will draw in, and if Paquette misses any significant time, i have a feeling that will end up being a permanent replacement. I'm also guessing we aren't that far off of White being a regular in the lineup again.
Forum: Armchair-GMil y a 16 heures
Getting harder and harder for DJ Smith to blame these losses on "young mistakes", considering the average age of skaters was 27, and the best players Tonight were all 21-25 years old.

Stepan needs to wear this one. That penalty would get a Colin White/ Filip Chlapik/ Christian Wolanin benched, and it absolutely cost them this game. It's not entirely on him, but the vets DJ trusts the most ere consistently the guys who are losing winnable games.

The Michael Haley experiment was absolutely pointless. He had a fight that was a waste of time, and did nothing of value the rest of the night. Paquette got hurt at some point, which is honestly a blessing in disguise, as sh*tty as that sounds. Anisimov with another terrible effort, as per usual. Wolanin was one of their best players tonight, but had one notably bad play which will result in him being benched in favor of a 35 year old who makes way more mistakes and has none of the upside.

I think this team will get way better next game if they just swap Arty for White, and keeping Wolaninin the lineup.. Stützle will be back, so you roll with White with Jimmy and Daddy, and you keep Tierney-Stepan-C.Brown together. I liked that line all things considered. Hopefully Chlapik draws in for Paquette too.


I really don't feel great about bumping Paul to the 4th line based on how well he's played, but White makes sense as the 2C at this point, and Paul shouldn't be above Timmy. You could try Paul as 2C, and a 4th line of Chlapik-White-Watson, or move Paul to 3LW and have a 4th line of Chlapik-Tierney-Watson. I like any of those options tbh.
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