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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>Fair points. For all the Senators fans who get on here and whine that Karlsson's gone, it's nice to hear one call out a couple of similar style players for focusing too much on offense. I kinda think on a team that lets defensemen rush the puck, rather than focus on defense, OEL and Leddy might outscore Karlsson this year, but I agree they give up too many breakaways sometimes.

Johnson quietly and unremarkably eats a few minutes, and makes a few hits. I definitely give him negative trade value because he is declining and has little idea how to play with the puck, which one now expects for $3M.

What would you think if it were the Ottawa pick?</div></div>

I don't know any Sens fans who would rather still have Karlsson, that trade is very clearly a huge W for Ottawa. Also comparing Karlsson at any point to Nick Leddy and OEL in recent years is just borderline disrespectful. At his worst he was never as bad as he was reported to be, he was always average to slightly below average. OEL and Leddy get straight up shelled defensively. Also saying Leddy could outscore him is flat out ridiculous. The last two seasons, Karlsson has put up points totals close to Leddy at his peak, but he's done it while missing like 30 games a season. For all the woes about his decline, Karl has paced for 70 and 58 points in his last two seasons. He's just had nearly a full year to get as healthy as possible, I wouldn't be surprised to see him right back in the Norris conversation.

As for the thing about the Sens pick, there's no way Ottawa should be trading a top 5 pick. They're rebuilding, and you build through the draft. It doesn't make sense, the team has flat out said they won't do it, I don't know why anyone thinks it's a thing they should consider doing.
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