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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NDoody</b></div><div>I do believe that this team does need a new head coach. There is this guy named Bruce that I think would be a good fit and the players would like. I have wondered about the goalie coaches, not too familiar with them, but it does seem that the development in the NHL and AHL levels is marginal at best. However, i do also think that there isn't going to be an increase in spending like for coaches anywhere until the new ownership comes into place which is sad.</div></div>

Fortunately the sale process is already underway. They're formally accepting bids, there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel. We'll have a new owner this summer ideally before the draft.

Personally, you have to start your coaching search with Barry Trotz. There's no coach they could hire with a better resume. Prior to missing playoffs last season his offseason success was R3, R3, R2, Cup, R2, R2, R2. It's been a decade since he coached a team to a sub .500 regular season.

Bruce is definitely option two imo. Extremely good vibes coach with a great track record, and he's definitely coming into next season with a chip on his shoulder after this nonsense in VAN. Bring in an experienced assistant coach to be the defensive coordinator, namely one Sens Legend Jacques Martin. Last Sens head coach to get another head coaching job after leaving here. Then you offer Troy Mann his preference of staying in Belleville or joining Boudreau's bench as an assistant coach. I think he's going to be a real NHL coach, so I'd try and work with him to keep him in the organization.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shaners79</b></div><div>Is DeBrincat not working out for the Sens?</div></div>

He hasn't had a top 6 C all season. Handful of games with Norris, even less than that with Stützle. Most common Cs have been Pinto, who is good, but primarily a finisher as well and clearly in over his head as a full time 2C and Derick Brassard, who shouldn't even be an every day forward.

The whole team has been absolutely cursed with terrible finishing all season, but DeBrincat has stood out given his pedigree. I think his play has been really good, it's just that he's gone from a 15.5% shooter in Chicago to a 9% guy. You can expect an elite finisher like him to regress back to that career average eventually, but it's been pretty tough to swallow this season, especially when that dip is a difference in 10 would be goals for him. It's unfair to pin the season all on DeBrincat, but it is fair to say that if Cat was sitting with 25 goals right now, those extra 10 goals could have been the difference between Ottawa being in or out of the playoff hunt. Again, far from the only player with brutal finishing this year, but he does stick out because he is so good.

Personally, unless you're able to bring in a bonafide top RD a la Rasmus Andersson (spoilers, no GM is trading that for a winger) I don't think trading him is a good idea at all. Maybe if there's a scenario where you can swap him for Timo Meier, either directly (doubt SJS wants that) or by trading Cat and flipping that return in a package for Meier, that could make sense.