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It Is Umlaut Season
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20 jun 2017
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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 3:29 pm
I'd swap Tierney and Logan Brown.

Tierney is actually an absolute trainwreck offensively and defensively this season, we just haven't been talking about it. He passes the eye test at least, but the advanced metrics are abysmal. Hockeyviz has his isolated impact as -0.19 xGF/60 and +0.08 xGA/60, but our offense (xGF/60) at 5v5 is +18% compared to league average without and <a href="https://hockeyviz.com/fixedImg/teamShotLocOffWiThumb/2021/OTT/tiernch94" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">-23%</a> with while our defense (xGA/60) at 5v5 is +4% without and <a href="https://hockeyviz.com/fixedImg/teamShotLocDefWiThumb/2021/OTT/tiernch94" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">+25%</a> with. He's one of the worst players on our team according to the advanced metrics and would be better suited being as far away from Stützle and Batherson as possible. Stepan is significantly better based on his isolated impacts, somehow.

Conversely, Logan Brown has always had very strong numbers that rival Norris' through their NHL time despite having less favourable linemates and opportunity, plus he has chemistry with Batherson. If DJ Smith wasn't biased towards grinders (or players that can play that game) and gave Brown a leash as long as Norris, he'd likely have had just as much success. Since the start of 2019-2020, both have played 23 games; Brown has had 5 EV P and 3 PPP playing 11:45 ATOI whereas Norris has 6 EV P and 5 PPP playing 15:49 ATOI. Putting Brown between Stützle and Batherson finally gives him the chance he's always deserved and has rightfully earned, just never been given.

Besides, Tierney is better suited to play with Dzingel on the 4th who he's friends with and has played with in the past.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 3:04 pm
Sujet: Weedmaster
Forum: Armchair-GM22 fév à 17 h 14
Forum: Armchair-GM22 fév à 15 h 01
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sens65</b></div><div>I like White, but he has 29 points in his last 79 games, including only 9 goals.</div></div>

Which is decent considering his usage and dealing with injuries.

He's got 29 in his last 77 playing 15:35 a night in which he's never had a consistent linemate. His most common in the past two years at 5v5 has been Ennis, in which he spent 356 minutes with and 331 without. Tkachuk is next with 251 with, but he's spent 742 away from him. White's been used all over the lineup, either because DJ has no clue what he's doing with him or because he knows that White can be used everywhere with the same effective result. That's pretty crazy that in looking at two years, a player he played with for only part of one of those years is still leading in ice time with. Goes to show how little consistency White is given in his usage by the coaching staff. He's also been moved down to PP2 because Josh Norris is given free reign of PP1 despite his poor even strength play (until lately where he's stepped it up). White's point totals will take a hit as a result.

This year though, White is 1st on the team in CF% rel. and 3rd on the team in xGF% rel. (behind Tkachuk and Norris). His ixG/60 is 2nd on the team behind Brady, which is a stat Brady always dominates league wide. In fact, White's tied for 14th in the entire league of players who have played more than 50 minutes this season in ixG/60. He's playing incredibly well, it's just not translating to the scoresheet because the Sens' stats are historically below the mean. When they bounce back, he's a good candidate to do so with them.
Forum: Armchair-GM21 fév à 20 h 59
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Forum: Armchair-GM16 fév à 14 h 04
If the Sens left both White and Tierney unprotected, Seattle would easily take White. So, in that case, the Sens should protect White. Ideally they trade Tierney at this year's deadline after seeing what Blake Coleman went for last year (Tierney compares remarkably well throughout his career) but if they lose him it's not the end of the world. He's not vital to the future of the team whereas White has more upside in that regard.

Protecting Zaitsev feels odd since his contract likely protects him as is; he's a bottom pairing D making 2nd pairing money, so the Sens can likely shop around and target teams that are expected to lose a D because of how many they have. Teams like LA (Clague, Roy?), Colorado (Toews?) or Carolina (Skjei, Bean, Fleury?) come to mind. Make the trade with our exempt assets (like Lassi Thomson), and then protect them.

I think leaving Daccord unprotected is a mistake. Even if Murray is available, it can only be a win if they take him. Worst case scenario, the Sens are back on the hunt for a goalie. We traded a 2nd and our 800th best prospect to get Murray, so it's not very difficult to get one and the market is never very hot. It's smarter to just leave Murray open and if Seattle wants that contract then let them take it. Daccord may not be the answer to everything but he's at least interesting enough to hang on to (unless he's absolutely garbage this year). They would probably be intrigued by him because of his waiver eligibility and his potential which very few other available goalies have, as well as his long term contract that will keep him around for a while at a cheap price.

I think Seattle takes Tierney, Abramov, or Daccord. My brain says Daccord, my gut says Tierney, but my woke answer is Abramov. Where else are they going to get boom or bust prospects with incredible upside that they can feed insane minutes to and potentially get a superstar out of it? That's what Abramov is and that's what he's always been.
Forum: Armchair-GM16 fév à 13 h 48
Forum: Armchair-GM10 fév à 0 h 11
Aight here we go.

The Ottawa trade, while likely suitable in value, isn't great for Ottawa positionally. Sadly, White is arguably Ottawa's best center right now as Stepan wants to move back to the US, Norris is a rookie experiencing big even strength struggles, and Chris Tierney is an enigma that somehow produces while having awful metrics. Until Stützle is moved there, or Logan Brown is given an extended look to take the spot, or one of Pinto or Norris develops into the role (unlikely), White will hold a ton of value for the Sens as their de facto 1C. Otherwise he's an okay middle 6 player signed longterm who has some upside and reliable defensive IQ that's translated well in the past when the team was stronger.

On D though, the Sens have Chabot, Brännström, Wolanin and Reilly down the left side. It's not great and Pettersson is almost certainly an upgrade at the position, but he will forever be behind Chabot and could already be behind Brännström depending how Pettersson would look in DJ's system (especially since Erik started the season very strong). In the prospect pool, the Sens have Sanderson who also plays on the left side and so they've already caused a logjam with their 3 biggest D of the future being on the same side. It's poor asset management to go out and trade for another LHD that at best plays on their 2nd pair as a #4 for this year alone, and very quickly gets replaced and pushed to a 3rd pairing D when Sanderson comes in. Especially when, again, as mentioned, they'd be trading a guy who is currently their 1C. Down the line White likely projects as a 3C, but he's too important right now.

As an aside, it's also really humourous how frequently Pens fans make White for Pettersson trades and then when Sens fans ( <a href="/users/csick" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@csick</a> <a href="/users/PLDGEY" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@PLDGEY</a> <a href="/users/sensibleguy" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@sensibleguy</a> ) say that Ottawa might not be interested because of positional strength, you guys get all defensive and go "well White is garbage anyways, have fun staying bad, SENS SUCK PENS RULE, KAPPA DELTA PSY FOREVER BABY LET IT RIDE YEAAAA". If he's so bad, why is it always you guys trying to trade for him? If Pettersson is so good, maybe you should keep him for your depleted D core or to cover for Matheson and Ceci. Seems the Pens are in 23rd right now without a 1st round pick, which was a song the Sens were singing not so long ago. The responses give off the same vibes as those guys who get rejected by girls and then go "well you're fat and ugly anyways".
Forum: Armchair-GM 9 fév à 17 h 26
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