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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RipNasty</b></div><div>What a bad take. Sandin is better than Gavrikov and it's not at all close</div></div>

It's actually pretty spot on if you have ever actually watched Gavrikov play. Gavrikov is a top pairing LHD on a team without guys like Zach Werenski or Morgan Reilly. He's not a better skater or passer than Sandin, but what he does away from the puck is by far better. He plays top pairing, top PK, and second line PP minutes and averages 22.5 minutes a game, 4.5 minutes more than Sandin does, and most of them are against top 6 players. He does all that with only a $2.8 million cap hit and in despite of Eric Gudbranson and the AHL caliber defensive core. The fact that he's only -4 on a team whose GAA is 31st in the league is astonishing.

Rasmus Sandin is sheltered on the bottom pairing playing against bottom 6 forwards on both 5v5 and on the PP. He has a stacked team in front of him and a competent d-man next to him at all times, even on the PP. He's an undersized, left handed, broke-man's version of Adam Boqvist. That title comes with a reserved IR seat in the press box called the "Ryan Murray Memorial Folding Chair".

Will Sandin be better than Gavrikov? Maybe offensively.
Is he currently? Absolutely not.

I would say that no matter what, Columbus to retain 50% which is typically what is assumed when Gavrikov shows up in trades. The price is this years first and third. Sandin's value is worth the equivalent of that first and that retainage.