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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>Alright I'll bite.

Weber is coming back as soon as Tuesday. Yeah sure he'll need a couple game to adjust but it shouldn't really be that much more than that and Byron is almost back as well. Anyways not really important but just clarifying the disclaimer.

Rutta for a 4th. Yup works, the condition is a little wonky. Habs have 60 games left and Weber is back now, Petry is a righty an Juulsen won't take more than a month. Not to mention that Benn has often played the right side when needed. I say remove the condition and just make it a 3rd rounder. A 2nd is way too much for a dman who isn't that great to begin with and might not even play playoff minutes with a healthy team in front of him. (But still manage to get 30 games played)

The Calgary trade is simply not happening. Yeah sure they need playoff experience, any team wants to add it but at what cost? That's still 6M going back to Cgy long term and they don't have that kind of cap space. Shaw at 2.9 might be enticing for some teams but even if Alzner is at 3.6M, that way too much for a Dman who can;t even crack MTL's porous defense.

Not nearly enough in the LAK deal. Hags is a UFA at years end. There is no buyout to be had until the off season anyways. He'll be off the books at years end though so.... Plus he is not cap dump player. there are teams that will take him for the playoff push this year so he has value. Muzzin is a solid top 4 dman in the NHL. Many team will be lining up for him. Shinkaruk is fringe NHL'er whose more than likely a career AHL'er. Vejdemo is an ok prospect but definitely not a highly sought after one. The 1st rounder is the perfect starting point but its lacking some other key aspects to round it out that would push this offer to the top. Honestly I think Martinez is the more realistic target with what you are attempting to offer.</div></div>

Yup, thanks for the clarifications.

I thought that Weber would've been out for longer and Byron too. I know Benn can play right side, but he can only be useful on the 3rd pair and nothing else, especially since Weber is back. He's really bad at puck possession and creates too much turnovers. I didn't trade him in this post since he hits UFA after the playoffs and can still play a shutdown/physical game if needed (Also, dat beard tho). He would need to go through the waivers though.

Rutta isn't that great, sure. But what if another right side D gets injured? Rutta's contract is up at the end of the season anyway.

The Calgary trade might not happen, now that Alzner has been through waivers. But nothing says a change of scenery will make him worse (a fresh start has great effects on players) For christ' sake, he's only 30. Maybe change the 1st rd pick from Calgary to a 2nd instead and modify the trade conditions. Lazar isn't even playing and he becomes a RFA at the end of the season. I also forgot to mention that he also briefly played with Drouin on the U-20 canadian national team and would therefore take Shaw's place on the current IRL 1st line quite nicely.

Hagelin may not be a sure thing, but take him away and LA would be receiving a lot for Muzzin (especially considering his stats this season). He will become more expensive as the trade deadline approaches. Martinez plays right-side also, so that won't work. You say that this trade is lacking in key aspects, but now for a 1 for 4 pieces trade, that seems enough to me (Don't forget to count C. Hillis in there, he has some real potential).
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jpsnow13</b></div><div>1) a 20 pts defenseman is worth at least a 3rd round pick. Also, why would CHI want to weaken their defense? Finally, we need LD, not RD. We already have too much RD (Webber, Ptry, Juhlsen, Benn, Ouellet, Brooks, Fleury).

2) Alzner was NO value. Would not be picked up on re-entry waivers. And Shaw is far from beeing worth a 1st.

3) You are not making LAK a favor by taking Hagelin and Muzzin. They actually need them and they have more value than a 1st and garbage. Also, no way we get rid of our 1st round pick!

.....if MTL wins the Stanley Cup this year...Yeah, sweet dreams man</div></div>

1) Hence why the 4th becomes a 2nd if Rutta plays 30 games. CHI needs to rebuild, they've been out of playoff contention since 2016. As far as I know, Benn and Ouellet are left-handed. Yes, they can play on the right side, but it is another thing to be right-handed (especially for PP and PK purposes).

2) CGY needs playoff-experienced veterans. Alzner has played in 64 playoff games. Shaw has played 72 games and has won 2 stanley cups with CHI. it's not a whole lot of points production that's for sure, but it is still worth something for a playoff contender like CGY. Maybe the deal needs to be sweeten up (adding round picks) in order to get a 1st, but there is still a condition to be met: CGY needs to get to the Western conference finals in order to make it a 3rd.

3) LAK are dead last in the whole league. Do they have a chance to rebound? Sure, but it's very unlikely. Muzzin has a lesser trade value since he's been injured. A 1st, a good prospect in Vejdemo and a reliable healthy scratch in Shinkaruk ain't garbage. Hagelin has a 4m contract for the rest of the season. He's got 4 points in 20 games so far. He's not going to help LA get back up and MTL would be buying is contract out for them.

3.1) No way we get rid of the 1st round pick? How do you propose getting an actual 1st pair left-handed defensemen in order to re-enforce the defense in front of Price? I'm not saying that we need to win the cup right now (Price is only 31), but the window is closing slowly. In 5 to 6 years, if no cup has been won and Price gets badly injured or doesn't want to play anymore (he has done that in the past), it's going to be low-tier seasons for quite some time. Unless Lindgren, McNiven or whatever unsigned goalies prospects MTL has. In order to win, you absolutely need to sacrifice a portion of the future. Look at the cup winners in the past years that are going under right now: CHI, LAK, PIT, DET, etc...

I know, the cup this year is a LONG stretch, but it's attainable if we get favorable playoff matchups.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MONSTER1974</b></div><div>Its all about perspective right?

<strong>Plekanec </strong>is the 3rd line C the Isles are getting that can play effectively versus the oppositions top players. That comes at a price. <strong>Nelson </strong>is a young C who's fallen behind on the Isles depth chart (JT, Barzal). He'll be due a raise this summer. How many teams want to pay alot of money for a 3C? You can trade him for draft picks this summer, OR you can flip him for an upgrade now for a playoff run. Pleks isn't enough for NYI to be satisfied with the return on Nelson, hence including <strong>Lindgren </strong>in the deal.

<strong>Pacioretty</strong>, although having a bad season, is a premier goal scorer in this league. Not many NHLers have scored more goals than him in the last 5-6 years in the league. He will fetch "ATLEAST" two premium assets, maybe even three. <strong>Bellows and 2 draft picks</strong> is fair return, especially if MTL is eating salary on Pacioretty AND Pleks.

As for <strong>Kulemin and Halak</strong>: I don't know if they need to be included in the deal if MTL is eating salary on both Pleks and Pacioretty. If they are included in the deal, who cares. Both contracts expire at the end of this season.</div></div>

Even though, after seing what TOR paid for Pleky, I will reconsider what I said... Seems like more than one team wanted to pick him up at the trade deadline. And Lindgren is really going to help out in the near future.

Some people say Pleky going to resign with MTL on July 1st... I wouldn't resign him for more than 1.5 M for 1 year.
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