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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jded</b></div><div>I can’t tell you what league consensus is on him as to whether he’s overrated or not. What I can say is he’s playing great hockey, looks the part, and is improving every year. He’s a 22 year old first round pick typically playing with mediocre line mates, I have no idea why you would assume he is peaking right now and will regress. He looks as good as his stats suggest on the ice every night, and plays consistent hockey. His points aren’t a fluke. And if you could trade him high and get great value? Sure, I’d trade anyone under those conditions if you were truly getting great value. Is Chychrun good value? Sure. But not when you’re throwing a first round pick in there. Two guys who were drafted relatively reasonably for their value 7 picks apart in drafts 2 years apart, and you’re throwing in a first round pick to get older by a year and move up 7 spots. I don’t see great value anywhere in it. I keep Lundy</div></div>

I think he'll regress because he's shooting +20% right now and he and Silfverberg currently hold the worst xGF% and CF% on the team. However, for some reason, his reputation is exploding this year, despite the fact that his numbers haven't been ideal and his counting stats aren't sustainable. So personally I think the Ducks should sell high for a 23-year-old top 4 D with term who can slide in where Lindholm was, and let one of Steel, Groulx, or another prospect fill out the 3rd line C role that Lundestrom would hold in the future. Chychrun is far more valuable to a team than Lundestrom.
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