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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ISeeBlueHeLooks</b></div><div>Nah, they were just semi-educated guesses. I honestly wanted to know if there was some middle ground between the Bertuzzi factions that could be found. I just used the guidelines I listed and used The Athletic's organizational prospect rankings from February to try to stick to them. I tried not to include any personal bias, though I am a Wings fan, by using that outside source as a way to estimate how different prospects are valued in the hockey industry. The biggest pushback seemed to be on Knies and the LA package, which is cool...like I said I was just throwing those proposals to get feedback/a discussion started. Knies had a really good year, but was a late second round pick just a year ago so I didn't think it was an outrageous ask, but apparently Leafs fans think that would be a major overpay. The Kings package was based on the luster having worn off Turcotte quite a bit and I felt that asking for one of their young kids already contributing at the NHL would have been too much. Adding Faber seemed like it wasn't over the top - he was listed as the #7 prospect in their organization, though it is a very strong system - as he seems like a good, but not great asset. I just think Bertuzzi's value is an interesting debate.</div></div>

You've certainly sparked quite a... shall we say lively... debate. I appreciated the effort put into this, not simply saying "Detroit gets this" but listing out different points, even if I may disagree with them.
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