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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>His expected saves and expected goals% says other wise

You can’t get create a value bidding war for a guy who has complete control in the trade, if maf wants to be moved, the hawks don’t have options, either accommodate his request and accept what the other time is willing to offer or he walks to ufa

There is no circle around the trade market looking for your price on him, if you go ask maf if he wants to be moved and especially if you ask him to move to a specific team and he says yes, hawks don’t have many options, either accept the value the team wants to give up or go back to maf and say sorry we didn’t trade you bc we tried to grind another draft pick out of them and the said no,

Not a good look if you do that, like I said if maf wants to be moved the hawks will be Looking to do the right thing by him, not strike it rich at the tdl</div></div>

Save % is the most important factor and then considering shots on goal which the Hawks are bottom third in the league and actually watching him play being the leading indicator.

It's not "my price", as the most respected journalist who covers the Hawks in The Athletic said, the way Flowers is playing he will demand a late 1st with the Hawks retaining half of the remainder of his cap hit, IF Flowers agrees to submitting his 10 team list and those 10 teams have a market larger then 1 team needing a goalie. He does have to provide a 10 team list though. Lastly, a late 1st is not striking it rich, that's a low cost for a cup contending team given that late first round picks have less then a 33% change of ever becoming a NHL player.
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