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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BCAPP</b></div><div>So for your examples:

Giordano would be the third best defenseman on Florida this year


3rd or 4th (but probably 4th) on Tampa
Gio (but it's close with cernak)

4th for now on Colorado but Byram is on the upswing to likely overtake him
Byram (and before you say otherwise he only played 18.5 minutes last year a game. As I said he's on the upswing and will likely overtake him though)

3rd to 4th on the Rangers
Gio or Miller
Gio or Miller

So he would be top 4 on most and #3 on Florida... What point are you making exactly?

Plenty of guys also play on a higher pairing at evens but their total ice time isn't that high because of special teams

Also finally please stop writing lines for d. Its pairings.</div></div>

It is pairings, which as a good example by someone else, with Hedman and Foote being sheltered in a role next to one of, if not the best defensemen in the league. But every analysts, generally speaking, talks about players capabilities individually as to what lines they would be a fit for, same way they rate prospects. You can shelter roles through pairings, and that is what you're trying to do here clearly with Gio being sheltered by Morgan. However, my point is, Gio is a 3rd liner on a good playoff team and Morgan is not Hedman. As for the rest, what you are really arguing going into this season and looking at the most successful teams you compared to, is Gio at best is a #4 guy...I see your point and it is valid but at best, however, ideally he's a 3rd line player at this point in his career. Gio btw doesn't have the speed anymore to play in a top 4 role in the system Colorado runs, which brings up systematically how does he fit not simply looking at him compared to other players in isolation.
Forum: Armchair-GMHier à 15 h 56
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Stavros99</b></div><div>You seemed to focus primarily on one part of my post so I'll repeat this sentence "For that matter, there's only a handful of teams that you can safely say have a better d-core than the Leafs." How does that insinuate average?

Also, your assessment of Gio is quite a bit off. On the teams mentioned he would have been anywhere from a 3rd to 5th dman at worst. And even that doesn''t mean you can't put him on a top pairing i.e. Foote/Bogosian w/ Hedman, and that's being ultra generous on my part as Gio is way better than those players.

Having said that,
Gio &gt; Manson
Gio &gt; Foote
Gio &gt; Gudas

Pretty sure those teams would love to have him and use him in key situations. Not much else I can say, but we can revisit this in a few of months! :)</div></div>

Your initial words "He's arguably a top 4 dman on most teams in the league" I never compared the Leafs to most teams in the league, I'm comparing them in my original post to the successful playoff teams being NYR, Tampa, Colorado, and Florida. I will stand by and say, Gio is a 3rd liner on those teams unless he's sheltered with a Hedman like Foote was...Hedman arguably the top 2 D men in the league. The AGM has him here as a first liner, that's a problem let alone considering him on the 2nd line in the playoffs.

The Leafs core is not top in the league and yes, I've read all the stats but digging deeper, the Leafs have generally been able to control the puck better then most teams, which is more a by-product of their top 6 IMO then the D being one of the best in the league.
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