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24 avr 2017
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>ChiHawk, I don’t think there’s a conceivable way for us to have a civil conversation on this site. Forget about Turcotte. This is Dach and byram. If your telling me cuz I put turcotte in the conversation that’s what I’m held to, have fun. Otherwise, byram dunked on Dach, round 1 to byram.</div></div>

Hatter, I'm simply bringing up that you wanted Turcotte in 2019 first contrary to what you stated above who Dach is simply a better pick then at this point and it's not close.

That said, how do you objectively look at a defensive player on a elite team comparably to a center on middling team and say one was better then other and "dunked on Dach"? I never saw Byram "dunk" on Dach or take Dach out during last night's game; I know that's not your point but that would be the best way to compare the two is head on head matchup. If anything, objectively speaking, Dach proved more valuable given he was the Hawks best player versus byram looking good surrounded by an elite team with an elite system in a sheltered role. Put Dach on the Avs and you don't think he'd displace Kadri or at a minimum Newhook flanked by better talent around him and look even better?

There's plenty of conceivable ways to have civil objective discussions as I do with 95% of others, but not so much when people throw subjective bias (someone else here mentioned that as well) in the air and fail to look at things objectively speaking. Dach played lights out, Byram played lights out...the difference is who surrounds them and the positions they play...saying one is better then the other last night is a fool's errand as others are telling you. Dach is a fantastic prospect and proving the critics, me included in 2019, wrong.
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