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29 jun 2015
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bhavikp27</b></div><div>Assuming your protection list: 7-3-1 format

-Couture, Hertl, Kane, Meier, Labanc, Balcers, Gambrell, Vlasic, Karlsson, Simek, Korenar

Exposed: 2 F (??), 1 D (Burns), 1 G (Jones)

Sharks will need to re-sign two of Donato, Sorensen, Marleau, Nieto (saw a report yesterday SJ may re-sign him so he's probably one of the two Fs) before the draft or trade for a F that meet the requirements.

Everyone else that is not protected, does not meet the requirements and are not exempted will be available. Seattle <strong>can</strong> select one of them (Donato, Sorensen, True, Halbgewachs, Marleau, Nieto, Letunov, Gabriel, Dahlen, Pateryn, Jaros, Middleton, Meloche). Although it's unlikely it happens, they could do it.

The 2F/1D/1G exposed is only to ensure the quality of players available. Everyone else who has 2+ pro seasons can be selected.</div></div>

So going with my proposed protections, say SJ resigns Nieto and Donato (or even Sorensen for league minimum) before the draft, is it then that the 27 GR for Dahlen applies and only then that he's no longer exposed for SEA to possible select?

More clearly, imagine Nieto and Sorensen resign. Couture Balcers Gambrell Meier Labanc Hertl Kane are the forwards protected. Is it then that SEA can choose between Jones, Burns, Nieto, or Sorensen? And if Nieto and Sorensen or Donato don't resign by the draft, then other guys like True, Halbgewachs, Letunov, Dahlen and others are exposed?
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