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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pavelski_tip_in</b></div><div>I know you usually don't get comments unless you propose a trade, and all the fans from the other team pile in to tell you you're an idiot without explaining why. But, I think this lineup does a great job at predicting the opening night roster barring any future moves. Burying Simek's contract feels right since no one will claim him off waivers, there are a few LHD ahead of him, and it helps us stay under the cap. I don't think it's the worst if we hold 3 goalies until we can offload one to another team that needs one in a pinch.

In terms of personal preferences, I would keep the Barabanov on the first line with Hertl and Meier, but it would be sweet if Eklund could hold down that role. I just don't know how Barabanov would play with Couture.

I don't think Kunin slots in as a center with only a 44% career FO%, so I would swap him with Bonino. Although the Nieto - Bonino - Cogliano line was one of the worst last season, Bonino did better when playing with other forwards.

I hope Labanc starts in the top 6, especially since Grier said he wants skill guys in the top 6. It would be great if Lindblom could regain enough form to play his way into that role because the 2nd line could benefit from some size. But, Labanc justifying a spot on the 2nd line would also be a welcome accomplishment.

Given that previous statement by Grier, I wonder what that means for a guy like Gregor who feels like he's not deserving of top 6 time, but doesn't necessary fit into a 4th line checking role. Putting Kunin on the 4th line opens a spot for Gregor with the 3rd line, but I don't know if they put Kunin there after the assets they gave up and contract amount he signed for. I'm pretty bearish on him, so I wouldn't mind seeing his playing time reduced. Those ideas would produce something like the following:

Meier - Hertl - Barabanov
Eklund - Couture - Labanc
Lindblom - Bonino - Gregor
Lorentz - Sturm - Kunin

Finally, I'm hopeful that Knyzhov can slot back in with Karlsson, but Megna also played well there last season. Knyzhov does have the waiver-exemption, so he could be the odd man out.</div></div>
I appreciate the feedback! You raise excellent points and I agree.

As far as the 3rd line center role, I'm wondering if Eklund -- who by all accounts has bulked up and feels very bullish as the only younger kid realistically to crack the Grier/Quinn lineup -- can lock down the 3rd line center role. That's where management (at least, old management) wanted him eventually, and it'll be interesting to see if that happens. CapFriendly also added center to a new position of his and even made it his primary position.

I updated the line combos to show how that'd look, and it'd place a lot of your suggestions into place too.
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