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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>Wedgewood 15 games, 3-8 with a 3.11 GAA and .900SV%.. lol. 28 years old.

Marino is signed long term on a good contract. U know how valuable that is..??

Seth Jones is a rental. Wants a 8M extension. And will probably test Free Agency.

PO-Joseph, a controllable, young, LHD that the organization loves.

Marino and PO Joseph for S.Jones and B.Jenner(another one year rental). No way, crazy!! Not a chance in hell!! And the Pens add draft picks..lol.

OConnor, a 22 year old, in his 1st pro season played well and was raved about by the organization. He is 6’3, 210 pounds. And contributes offensively. Was the Ivy League “Player of the Year” last season. Had 19 points in 20 games in the AHL this season. When he wasn’t on the Pens taxi squad.

It’s what the Pens need, size, physical, and a 200 foot, two-way player.

Yes, he can play a bottom 6 role, mid 6 role and move up eventually like Rust or Hyman. B/c he’s not just a top 6 or bust. He’s big enough, physical enough, and good enough defensively to play on a legit NHL 3rd or 4th line.

He’s not just a throw on.

Again, another cheap controllable NHL player that the organization loves. And most likely won’t be traded.

Ok dude, I’m trying to help, most of these moves make zero sense or make the teams worse. I was trying to help.

You have Zohorna as a scratch when he doenst need to be. He still has options, can be sent down and doenst have to clear waivers. No need for Pens to keep him on the roster.</div></div>

I don’t think Burke or Hextall have had anything overly optimistic to say about POJ or O Connor. Neither are ever going to be anything special. We can move them in the right deal.

Next offseason we have Malkin and Letangs contracts off the books. Could resign Jones if we wanted or sign another big name FA or both.

Not saying this is the way or the highway but something like this ACGM is what I think they should be doing. POJ and O Connor or other prospects and picks do not get us closer to a championship in our window (which is realistically this year and thats it). They also are not going to be key pieces in a rebuild because they aren’t good enough. This makes them expendable.

Marino can also be moved in the right deal if a team isn’t scared of his contract.

I agree Zohorna should play and we probably will. When is this team ever fully healthy? It won’t be to start with Malkin out so he wpuld be playing.

Wedgewood I think is better than those #’s suggest. But sure, sign a veteran for league min instead.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>Blah with Wedgewood. He’s an AHL goalie. I would rather DeSmith 100 times over.

And PO-Joseph would play LHD ahead of J.Benn.

No way Pens trade Marino, signed long term on a good deal, for 1 season of S.Jones(who said he wants a 8M contract).

And I like B.Jenner, I think the Pens should trade for him this offseason or at the TD. But not for PO-Joseph. B.Jenner is a rental too.

But basically “x” that whole CBJ deal and keep PO-Joseph/Marino as the 2nd pairing and sign a LW/RW to play on Geno’s line or move McCann up and sign a player to play on Carter’s line.

Pens don’t trade Drew OConnor. A 22 year old prospect, that looked good this season in his 1st pro season. Last year he was the Ivy League player of the year. Everyone was raving about him in the Pens organization.

The 2nd round pick would be plenty for a team to retain 3.5M for 1 season.

Put Zohorna on the taxi squad too. He has options left.

Friedman and Ruhwedel are the only 2 that have to be scratches and kept on the roster. Neither would clear waivers. They would be picked up.</div></div>

Wedgewood established himself as an NHL goalie this year. If not him, then a other veteran on league min works too.

P.O Joseph is expendable if you are getting Seth Jones (or another player of the same ilk)

Again, Pens would trade Marino if it meant getting a player like Seth Jones. He is on a fair contract, not a good one, and is overrated. Best case scenario he performs to his contract. Worst case he is MP 2.0. Pens would move him in the right deal. He has value and is what it would take for Pens to get an impact player.

Boone Jenner is a nice fit, absolutely. The trade isnt P.O for him. He is added to the Jones trade because Marino and P.O are there.

O Connor is nothing special. 22 year olds aren’t really prospects. There are players every year who tear up college as an over ager and amount to nothing at the next level. Sure, he may be an NHL player but he will never be a top 6 F. He does not bring anything special to the table.

Cap space is extremely expensive. Especially right now. I actually think it would likely cost more. There are a lot of teams looking to shed salary. Inflates cost.

Is there even a taxi squad next year?

Yes, both are scratches.