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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>herzausstein</b></div><div>Adding a 32 year old $5.35M 40-50 point center to our 8M dollar centers is a non-starter for a rebuilding team. So as far as useful assets to a rebuild it's a 2022 1st and a pair of 3rds. The 2022 1st would likely be later in the draft so NHL impact wouldn't be for years. Trading our only reliable scoring forward for hopes and dreams in 5 years isn't gonna work. We'd want someone like Pelletier (or comparable prospect).</div></div>

Gotcha, I’ll admit with how cautious NHL GM’s are these are pretty much all pipe dreams, but your point makes a lot of sense from the Preds POV. I was thinking that if there was a way for Poile to move Johansson or Duchene (maybe through expansion) that maybe the move could make sense since Backlund is a great leader and the type of guy you need around young players in a rebuild, but you’re right that with the assets that I packaged the timelines wouldn’t match up. I was trying to find some comparable trades and saw that for instance the Stone trade cost a former 1st round draft choice (Brannstrom), a 2nd (roughly equivalent to two 2nds) and an AHL player, and although VGK was seen as winning that trade, also seeing the past two Hall trades, as well as the Arvidsson and Ellis trades (and the report that Ellis was untouchable being untrue now) I thought that a similar package could work. I kinda tried to make the best of what the flames would still have, after the other moves, but I do think Backlund’s leadership would be an asset that any rebuilding team needs so you don’t end up rebuilding forever like BUF, though salary may need to be retained by the Flames or a third team.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>🤣 love the baby boys line. 👍

That’s the side I land on, it’s on Colliton. So the question then becomes, does Colliton’s involvement become a detriment to the youth? Between the lack of ice time and poor progress (boqvist for sure), I keep fearing how this impacts them long term.</div></div>

I honestly couldn’t tell you if replacing him would work out better, someone I wanted this past offseason either as an assistant or head coach was Jim Montgomery (who we’d now need to pry from St. Louis or wait two years (which lines up with Collitons contract) to sign him — however at the start of his last season with Dallas he wasn’t very good at managing ice time or zone usage. Another guy we could pluck from an assistant job in the NHL is Marco Sturm who’s been great in LA and helped get the German national team to silver in the 2018 olympics.
Otherwise outside of the organization and even the NHL there’s a lot of really good coaches who actually know what they’re doing including Rikard Grönborg, Roger Rönnberg, Jukka Jalonen — the only thing is for some reason NHL teams don’t hire European coaches very often but Bowman took a risk with Colliton with him being young so why not take one with any of those above who’ve all proven to be great in every position they’ve been put in. (Though since Colliton spent time coaching overseas the hawks might be hesitant to hire someone from the same coaching background even if they’ve done significantly better)
I can’t see Bowman replacing Colliton this year and maybe not even next year but at some point he’ll likely have to or they both will be by Rocky or Danny Wirtz.

Oh and also Gallant still doesn’t have a job
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