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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Samsquanch14</b></div><div>I think everyone just gets too caught up in "points". If he was a leading goal-scorer, he'd be making what Suzuki makes. It's funny when those who don't watch all the games try to analyze someone else's games. Analytics are great and all, but they don't tell the whole story. What people tend to miss with Anderson is that he is a valuable asset being a fast power-forward who can put up decent points for being rotated through 2nd &amp; 3rd line. Not only that, he creates turnovers and creates plenty of opportunities. For example, the analytics don't tell if his linemates are in the right places to convert from the opportunities. He's not a bad player at all and I agree with being paid like 1m over, but other than that, he proves his worth. Everyone just assumes that if you're not lighting it up, then you're not good. That's absurd because everyone has their play-style and roles on the team. To say you'd rather have Lucic over Anderson...come on now, talk about age (when 28 isn't even that old). I think what the other person is saying is that Anderson does have value and GM's would want someone like him, a 1st? Not sure, but something decent in return would come back. I don't watch Flames games, so I don't comment on who's ass and not ass because they can play an important role that I don't see on NHL Network's highlight reels.

As for help on this to the creator, I think there are too many pieces in the trade. Can probably get away with a decent prospect with a 2nd &amp; 3rd</div></div>

Thank you!
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