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Forum: Armchair-GM19 jun 2018 à 23 h 36
Sujet: Jamm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I don't think they are too high on Calvert. He's a hot head. After that playoff game I don't think you will ever see him in a Pens uniform. Nor do I think he would ever want to play for the Pens. I don't think he has much respect for the Pens organization.
JVR would cost about 6 mil. But if you can dump Hagelin, you are only looking at 2 mil more. I think it's worth the extra two mil. You can find that 2 mil in trading Sheary. You count on the top 2 lines to carry you with a strong 3rd line. I mean really if I'm building a hockey team from scratch, I only invest on the top 3 lines. You know a player can play 20 minutes + a game. Come the playoffs you don't really need 4 lines. You could roll 3 and use the 4th very sparingly. The only problem being injury. But if your stars get injured you are probably done for anyway. But your top 3 on the left would be Jake, JVR and ZAR. I take that. On the right you got Kessel, Horny, and Sprong. You also have Rust to move around up there if needed. 4th line of Rust, Riley, and pick your poison. I think that is the best possible team they can field next year. Mainly because JVR brings not only scoring but size and physical play.
I agree on Tom K. I don't see him back. Simon I don't know what to make of him. He's only 23, but he's been bouncing back and forth for 3 years now. This year he showed a knack for the puck. But really who knows. You can't have a winning team without cheap talent some where, and that is usually the 4th line. You need those under 1 mil guys to pull minutes somewhere.
The thing about Hunwick is you can move him, but don't expect a return. It only cost a team 1 mil to bury him in the minors. Knowing that, I think that makes him a movable piece. My guess is he finds a new home next year. He could be a guy who does a Niemi next year. Bouncing from team to team as needed due to injury, until he finds a fit. Mainly because it doesn't cost a lot to hold onto him especially if you know you can move him if needed. Someone can take a chance on him, and then if it doesn't work they can send him to a team with injury knowing it's only a mil cap hit (less depending on how long he's been on another team) when they bury him. That's not bad for a team in injury need. He played out of position last year on right side. So that may attract people to him knowing he needs to play on the left.
They do need a RH defense though. But I think they can find that they are gonna have to cough up 2+ mil for it though. I was kicking myself last year when they didn't sign Roman Polak. I think he'd be a great 3rd pair signing or swing man.
I would move Matta too. He's so slow. But I have to give him credit, his stats are better than I would have thought.</div></div>

I don’t disagree with any of that. I think Polak would look out of place of a defence that already includes Maatta. It really slows the back end down.

First pretty crazy deal out of Ottawa today. That is a lot less than the rumoured asks at the TDL. Given the drama I guess it’s to be suspected. Also seems to be a fair bit of smoke coming out of Pittsburgh regarding a possible Kessel trade. Let’s be clear here first, I don’t want to see him moved. But let’s say he is what’s that realistic return here? And to where. I think there is a way to win a Kessel trade, but easier said then done.
I could see Arizona being a possibility, not sure what the return would be.

I was chatting with a Buffalo fan regarding a Maatta, Sheary and Hunwick trade for BOGOSIAN with some retention,
MCCABE And Buffalo’s 2nd. Buffalo is apparently looking for added scoring wingers and a Left defence, 2nd pairing.

I actually don’t mind that deal. I played with Bogosian, and I think if healthy he could be a the perfect 3rd pairing Dman that could eat some minutes and move up the chart if needed. McCabe, is fast and plays all out, both could be interesting additions to the back end and looking at the draft, that 2nd round pick could be real nice. Plus it clears some needed cap space.
Both have good puck moving skills.

A defence of Dumoulin Letang, McCabe Schultz, Oleksiak Bogosian could be good. All decent skaters and fits nice in the Pens systems.

I’m warning up to the idea of Roussel, not flashy, fast, plays hard and is great on the PK. He could change the dynamic of the 4th line and would be a sure bet for 20 plus points. Pretty dynamic under rated winger that could bring a lot to the Pens bottom 6.

I’d be looking at moving on from Simon (decent skill set, I just don’t know where he plays here), Dea, Kuhnhackl (I think he hold some value for a team looking for a 4th line winger, possibly added to another deal).

The next couple weeks is going to be interesting. This is a real deep draft. Lots of good talent in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I wouldn’t mind the Pens moving up here, even into the early 2nd round. Or picking up an additional 2nd or 3rd round pick.

The other thing to consider is the idea the Brassard is a UFA after this year. That leave a huge hole on the 3rd line. I wonder if Duchene is still a thought, pens were rumoured to be after him, UFA at the same time Brassard is, he fits the system well, friends with Sid and he can PK. Just something that crossed my mind the last few weeks, and I don’t see him staying in Ottawa.

Speaking of Ottawa first round pick this year or next... hard decision there.... Colorado is in a good spot.

I actually thought that Domi was going to be in a Pens uniform to start the season. Numerous rumours had the pens linked to him.
Forum: Armchair-GM17 jun 2018 à 23 h 08
Sujet: Jamm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>look I like Sprong too, but lets be clear. No one knows what a full season with Sprong on the wing is going to get you. It is way way way to risky to trade kessel with this idea that Sprong is going to slide right in and take his place over and score 90 points. I mean really my best hope for him next year is to come in and have a 40 point season. That would be my greatest expectation right now. He could come in and score 20 points. Then where are you at? There would be talk about needing to trade him out and get some depth. You have to see what you got before you start dumping pieces away. 8 games last year, 2 goals all in one game. If that's not the red flag for, start him on the 3rd line and see what you get I don't know what is. But you don't ramp him into a top 6 slot with an expectation he's going to score 60 points next year. That's a sure way to be disappointed and a quick way to tank a season.

As for the prospect pool, they don't really need a deep one. One fresh set of legs every year isn't bad. You went from Guentzel, to Zar last year, to Sprong this year, and then you are looking at Jordy B, Miiletic. I think that's pretty good for a franchise. You could see a player or two sneak in. Birks, Angello. It's a bit early to say on those though. Especially considering that roaster spots are hard to come by on this team. They could use some defensive prospects and a better LW for the 2nd line but when you trade a 1st away every year you don't get everything. They like the sign free agents path, and that's a way to get at it. I'm not complaining about it. It's just too bad they haven't been more aggressive with it like signing Daniel Brickley. They let him get away, Kerfoot, Butcher. But then again they got 3 LD. I'm sure if those guys were a RD it might have been different. I think Kerfoot might have saved us from looking for a 3C to be honest. But maybe they wanted someone who is more experienced. They can always find prospects though. Every year there are good unsigned players coming out of the canadian leagues or the NCAA. They simply have to get them.. Miletic and Jordy B are good examples of that. I'm actually hoping we see Miletic in WB this year. I think he can come in and surprise. Given he's a LW he might be able to find room.

As far as what I would do as GM. I made a post not long ago about the changes I would make. Bring in JVR, trade hagelin for Sonny Milano if Columbus is willing. But I would find a way to get Hagelin out to go after JVR as I think it gives us a better top 6. CBJ fans seem to not like Milano I think he'd be fine on a 3rd or 4th line, hell he'd be an improvement with the right coaching. He's a former 1st round pick, he's got speed, size and skill. He just hasn't put it together yet. Dump off Sheary and Hunwick if possible. Not really looking for anything back from those moves. And find a R handed Defense man capable of a 3rd line pairing. If you add JVR to the team, you are looking at a LW with Jake, JVR and ZAR + whoever. Your right wing is Horn, Kessel, Sprong, Rust. You are set down the Center, and LW. You only need a 3rd pairing RD. That's a very deep team for the next 2-3 years.

I mean this team is in really good shape right now. Next year the only UFA are Hagelin who is slightly over paid and the team will most likely love to drop the price tag on if not trade him out for an upgrade and Brass. You got at least 3 years on this team in really good shape to push for the cup.</div></div>

Agreed on most of what you said here.

I’m a fan of what JVR would bring, however, he’s going to get paid. Without dumping serious salary. I could see him getting somewhere around the 6-6.5 million with term. He would fill a big need, but I’m not sure adding another high priced winger would be a step in the right direction, without sending out salary. I’d be up for a Calvert or to a lesser extent Roussel, both can P.K. provide secondary scoring and play a little more of a grinding game.

I think a Calvert-Brass-Sprong line could be great.

As for Sprong, I’ve seen a lot of him. I think he’s going to Mature into a real nice player. I think next year we are looking at a 40 point winger (playing time and usage dependant).

Personally I think Hunwick is going to be hard to move alone, unless you are switching him for someone in a similar situation. Or packaging him, but again that’s going to lessen the value of the package.

For a fourth line I’d be looking at xxxxx-Sheahan-Rust.

As for D, I’d be looking to upgrade the 3rd pair. I was actually a fan of what Oleksiak brought. I’d move Maatta in the right deal.

So I guess where I am at is icing something like.

Xxxxx (internal?)-15-17

I think this is a great deep and realistic forward group.
Maatta (in the right deal), Sheary, Simon, Kuhnhackl, Hunwick. Are all players that I would be looking to move to shake up the defence.

Jake McCabe is a player I really like, and I think would excel in the pens system, great skater, plays the game hard.

Also if the price and cap works maybe adding a experienced good back up goalie on a one year deal.
Forum: Armchair-GM17 jun 2018 à 19 h 37
Sujet: Jamm
Forum: Armchair-GM17 jun 2018 à 13 h 49
Sujet: Jamm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>aging core?
You realize the oldest player on the pens is 31 right?
If you take out Crosby, Malkin, Horny, Letang, and Kessel the whole rest of the team (minus brass because he'll be gone next year or this year) is mid twenties or younger.

No one is going to give equal value for any of those players above. No one. And they all have at least 2 to 3 more years in the tank. So why not run to the cup with it?
I mean really, the Penguins are in a really good position right now in regards to their cap. Their core is all going to age out of their contract just as their value on the ice really starts to decline.
Kessel's last year he'll be 33. Malkin 34, Letang 34, Horny 35.
If they were to blow the whole thing up in 4 years I wouldn't be surprised.
And that would be ok, because they are all going to be out of their contract anyway. In 4 years if the team isn't in the mix as a legit contender I have no problem with some trade dead line moves that send people away for a rebuilding return. But now? You are nuts. This team has at least 3 years in them. Especially as the cap goes up and all their deals seem more and more reasonable.</div></div>

Where did I mention blowing it up?!?! I specifically said not a rebuild. Reading comprehension?

Look at it this way. Would the pens be better now and 4 years plus if they were to say trade a Kessel for something that extends the competitiveness now and in the future. That’s all I’m getting at here.
Forum: Armchair-GM23 jan 2017 à 22 h 17