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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Campabee</b></div><div>I see a lot of fans on here taking that stance but honestly Chiarot is not as bad as everyone on here thinks. Many say he is slow but he had the game winner in OT where he out skated 2 defenders to create a 2 on 1. Then there are people who say he can't pass to save his life but he makes decent passes all the time and in fact just last night he almost sprung Suzuki on a breakaway in OT while on the PK. He just hit the defenceman's skate with his backhand pass. Also for an example of not only his passing but also his creativity check out the GTG from last night. He is literally facing away from Pitlick spins in the corner to create space, as he is spinning he looks to the net and places a perfect pass right onto the tape of Pitlick for a tap in. Chiarot gets a lot of flack cause he is not the flashiest player but he is a highly skilled player, playing a defense first role. He wins 1 on 1 battles, makes zone entries difficult, and clears the front of net. Sure he cross-checks and punches guys in the head and plays physical but that is hockey, show me one D man who doesn't cross-check opponents in front of the net or a physical player who doesn't punch guys in the head any chance they get, see Marchand, Gallagher and Hyman for examples. All players do these things. The difference is that Chiarot isn't as flashy as some of those other guys. It's always nice to watch a Nurse skate up ice and score a beautiful goal but 9 times out of 10 that goal is scored because of a battle won along the boards or a stick in the lane that deflects a pass in the defensive end. Chiarot wins a lot of those battles that create those opportunities. Check out what a rival league executive said “They’re asking for a first-round pick and a good prospect,” said one league executive who works for a team very interested in Chiarot’s services.

“I don’t know if we can do that, and I think it’s a bit high, but I’d ask for it too. You can say there’s a lot of D-men on the market, but there are none like him. A guy his size who moves really well. A guy who can play 26 minutes in a playoff game. And he just does everything.”

See the story below for a good understanding of why Habs fans view Chiarot as more than just "pylon" as many trolls like to call him.</div></div>

I'm not saying Chiarot is a bad player in any way. I've seen some of those plays you mention above and agree that he's playing really good. There's definitely some good chemistry going on in Montreal right now.
And that's why someone will give you guys a 1st for him. I still hope it's not us. I don't see him being "the missing piece" to something great happening. I could be wrong though. But history says that almost all high priced rentals aren't worth it.