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Forum: Armchair-GM14 août 2022 à 19 h 17
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>palhal</b></div><div>Again you get into this fantasy about "personal income" taxes. Why do you NHL players are subject to personal taxes on their whole salary. Why do you think Matthews pays Ontario or even Canadian taxes? Never hear about any player signing or traded to the Jays or Raptors complaining about more taxes, but the tax experts on CapFriendly think it's an issue.

Now I don't think Matthew is resigning with the Leafs, but certainly the reason isn't going to be taxes.

I know of one former NHL who made about 20m is his NHL career. He never touched any of "salary" and lived on other incomes the NHL and sponsors. Almost all of that 20m and more was sheltered in his "corporation"

Nice chart but doesn't meet the reality check of what "entertainers" pay in taxes.</div></div>

I do agree I don’t know the inner workings but I use the tools I have. I’m using cap friendlys calculator to determine all this. I think it’s an issue because money is money. Sure realistically they aren’t paying over 50% like most residents of Ontario but is it absurd to say that there is a difference there? The MLB and NBA also aren’t as cap conscious as the NHL. All but 4 NBA teams are projected over their salary cap. The MLB has massive disparity between the top teams and bottom teams in terms of payroll. The Os have 65m in payroll. The Yankees have 390m in payroll. That is 6 times more. Neither are really comparable to the NHL as both of the Toronto teams are either over the salary cap or well above league average in terms of what they pay their players. It’s different for sure but I would say matthews could leave because of the money tbh. I want to get smarter with it so I do study it but as of now, that’s all I have seen in terms of salary.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>The signing bonus money is key, players can take those large lump sums of cash and invest it to make more $$$ than taking the regular pay check style.

I'm sure the investment money profit doesn't balance out the tax money loss, but still it's another factor.

Also all the rich need to do is spend a few grand on a good accountant and they walk away paying less tax than the normal man.

The tax the rich motto always fails because the rich can find the loopholes the normal people can't.</div></div>

Signing bonus definitely is more lucrative because the money is upfront. I do acknowledge that it isn’t black and white like this makes it out to be but this is the start. One makes more than the other upfront but there is still taxes on the signing bonuses. It would be a nice loophole to get players to sign with you if you have worse taxes to just put most the money in a SB. There are so many aspects to the game and money is a key one that isn’t talked about as much. Sure you talk about AAVs and contracts but most don’t get into the deeper aspects. This was mainly to show the deeper aspect and when you peel back layers, it makes sense to leave. Sure he won’t be paying the 53% that this displays it as but if he has a similar quality accountant, he should be netting less playing in Toronto rather than somewhere else. There are more aspects to it but this is a rough outline of the netted money.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>kster34</b></div><div>End the debate - Cardiac has chimed in. Now you’re an expert in taxation too :tearsofjoy
Good to know your job hickeyctales are ridiculous too :squinty
Matthews is well aware that he’s playing for the most popular franchise in The league with the biggest fan base. Organization is first rate and team is top 5. He also can sign lucrative endorsement deals here due to popularity of leaf Nation. Can’t get that in usa except for a handful of teams, none of whom will have space. And lots of states have income tax rates similar to Ontario.
Never say never - players get to make personal choices. but to make blanket statements like you do - laughable</div></div>

I mean there are so many factors that go into a signing. Matthews could get brand deals in America just as easily. Here is an quote from an article that shows Matthew’s brand deals.

“he makes approximately $2.3 million from endorsements alone. He has partnered with high-end brands like Apple, Verizon, Upper Deck, Bauer, Scotia bank, and CCM Hockey. Additionally, he launched his first NFT collection in April 2021 through collaboration with OpenSea.”

Now I don’t know about you but the brands listed are mostly based on the states.

ScotiaBank- based in Toronto
CCM- based in montreal
Bauer- based on New Hampshire
Upper deck- based in California
Verizon- based in NY
Apple- based in California

Matthew’s is also signed by Bet99 (a sports betting company based in Toronto)

The only major brand deals I can see Matthew’s losing if he leaves toronto is scotia bank and Bet99. I don’t know about you but I can see Matthews being scooped up by another sports betting company like draft kings, fan duel, betMGM, or Caesar’s sports book. As for scotia bank, I can easily see another US based company coming in and paying those dollars scotia is paying.

Look I am saying I predict Matthews will leave because of the dollars and the brand deals don’t cover it. I chose his main 7 brand deals and 2 of them he looses if he leaves. It is a personal choice for sure but as an outsider, it makes so much sense for Matthews to leave toronto. No hate there but the numbers talk. Toronto gets screwed by location due to taxes. Matthews is losing out on millions in contract dollars playing in toronto and unlike other sports, that’s a hockey players main source of income. Stars included. Mcdavid makes $4m from brand deals and matthews makes $3.5m himself. Matthews is projected to make $3.7m from his contract this year and mcdavid is projected to make $6.2m from his contract as well.

I am obviously no professional but based on what I know and the research I have done, signs point towards matthews leaving, regardless of brand deals. Two years from now matthews will not be a maple leaf. Like it or not, he will leave Toronto for more money. Say I don’t know anything if you like but I would like you to give me a reason I cannot negate on why matthews will stay.
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Forum: NHL13 août 2022 à 21 h 14
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LloydminsterLarry</b></div><div>I’m retired so now I have plenty of time to watch hockey again but when I was working full time I obviously didn’t have time to watch a lot of it, so I understand the appeal of having some charts that someone can easily click on.

I played in the Alberta Junior Hockey League and for a rather short bit of time in the WCHL, the former name of the current WHL. To give you an idea of how old I am I played against Darryl and Duane Sutter in the AJHL. The other NHL guy I faced was Kelly Kisio but I’m not sure how well known he is now a days. I’m going to trust my own eyes even if they’re ageing over a chart someone on the internet came up with, especially if I’m watching defenceman. Sometimes though I’ll get a number mixed up. I did it a couple times with the WJC this week. We’ve always had stats and we’ve always used them. I guess I’m just shocked by how quickly these analytics are taking over and how they’re all I see young people in particular pointing to.</div></div>

Tbh I don’t have much hockey experience. I played but never competitively. Definitely wasn’t playing in a league with future NHLers that for sure. Mind you if I was miles on miles better, I would have only been draft eligible this year. I want to turn my love for the sport into a profession for sure but watching and studying the game seriously for a few years now, I would say I have been able to develop and form solid and knowledgeable opinions on hockey. I am more of a fan than I was ever a player but despite that, I have grown knowledge on many facets of the game. I know what you want to see and what you don’t want to see in a player when you watch them and scout them and that’s why I have formed many opinions on prospects and players. Analytics don’t account for everything but when I form my opinions, I use both the eye test and analytics. As I said previously, puljujarvi I would want on my team over reaves for a playoff run. From what I have seen from puljujarvi, is he an offensive black hole. He is an analytical darling but he has had the opportunity to play with two of the best players in the world and hasn’t performed himself. Analytically he makes his teammates better but watching him, it doesn’t look like it as he is as he messes up so many good opportunities. His defense is solid imo but not as good as analytics make it out to be. A fully formed opinion on puljujarvi is that he has the tools to be a great 2 way winger but as of now, he hasn’t put it all together yet. I would trade at most a 2nd round pick for him as a low risk high reward trade. Ken holland likely didn’t receive a better option than a 2nd which is why puljujarvi hasn’t been traded yet. Holland knows his upside based on analytics and sees the flashes in his game so therefore won’t trade him because it would objectively be selling low on him. This should be his make or break year as he could either be a legit 2 way 70 point player playing on mcdavid or drais wing, or could be a third line defensive forward who scores 40 points which is good for defensive forwards on the third line. Hard to tell right now but imo at his age, he is worth a solid bet despite not playing super well last year.
Forum: Armchair-GM13 août 2022 à 20 h 46