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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>C21</b></div><div>I wouldn’t put Kuch in the same tier as Tkachuk. I think Tkucher is in a tier of his own when it comes to wingers right now and the 6th best skater in the league. He’s a great two-way guy and easily capable of 40+ and 110+ and his impact goes further than than just numbers or defence. He didn’t even need to get on the scoresheet to be the biggest reason why Florida clutched up in games 6&amp;7. No one else is doing that right now. As for Kuch, I think this years Kuch is what we can expect in a full season from here on out. Very elite player, obviously, but 30-110+ with not too much of a two-way impact isn’t enough to put him in tier one imo. And that’s a big reason why he’s placed 6th here. The guys above him just bring that extra juice when it comes to goals and/or two way game. Marner’s about the same level goalscorer, a bit behind as a playmaker but miles ahead in the two-way game. The rest of the guys in front of him are better goalscorers most definitely capable of 100+ point seasons and outside of Pasta, better two way guys as well. Robo is also a better goalscorer capable of 100+ points.

And as for Brady, Keller and Kuz moving up a tier, I would like to hold off until I see more of what they did this past season. Neither Brady or Keller are bonafide 90+ scorers or anything to write home about in the two way game and Kuzmenko while basically dropping 40 and being a decent two-way impact, scored a lot of those goals on tips. I want to see if he can repeat that and prove that it is just part of his game. High tip numbers are historically very hard to replicate year-year</div></div>

I agree that the unique playstyle and effect that M. Tkachuk has on a game is what elevates him into the top tier. Having a superstar that plays with as much grit and sandpaper as him underneath real skill and talent is extremely rare. That's why I love B. Tkachuk as well, they are pretty much in their own category in terms of playstyle classification.

I guess I would say that I feel you are underrating Kucherov then. Maybe I value past/recent Playoff performances more but Kucherov was the deadliest player in the Playoffs during their Cup wins and absolutely lethal at all times. I think what he showed was comparable if not better than what Kane did during his best 3 year stretch in the Playoffs. He is one of the most creative players in the league and he has the vision and confidence to find every single weapon available to him, including ones that nobody else can see. He relies on nothing but his raw talent and it made him the undisputed best winger in the league recently and I guess I don't think he deserves to have that taken away from him yet. I don't think anyone else on the entire list has accomplished anything close to what Kucherov has in terms of sustaining elite play and in both peak and duration.