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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>Kane has always been a solid 30G guy pretty much his entire career (his career G/GP is 0.35 = 28.88G/season), he has a wicked shot, strength, and some speed. I don't expect him to slow down any time soon either. Gibson is only 28 but he has had sub-par stats in the last 3 years, the Oilers aren't that great on defense even though they have come a long way. I would take Kane because then it doesn't make them a two-trick pony team on offense.

Moving Bouchard would be a mistake unless you expect him to be a bust. Need guys on the D-core that you have control over. As a RHD with a killer shot from the point, he will probably become one of the Oilers most valuable assets if he continues to grow.</div></div>

I'm not really concerned about Kane on the ice. He's a talented player and a great fit with McDavid. I just doubt you see the same level of commitment/selflessness as you did for this half a season. He'd probably show up for the Playoffs though. Not to mention that even with Kane it's still the McDavid and Draisaitl show, he's just along for the ride.

Gibson has played in Anaheim the last 3 years. He is clearly their MVP and most teams in the league improve a lot by having him as their starter, none more so than the Oilers.

I do expect Bouchard to be a bust, or at least I don't expect him to be a strong top-4 guy. His skating is a major issue that doesn't look like it's getting better and he has all the tools to make plays but is at his best with time and space, which is easily neutralized and hard to come by in the Playoffs.
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