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Forum: Armchair-GMjeu. à 14 h 53
I don’t take issue with much, but I aim differently.

GMDA and the Blues record of drafting and development stands on its own, so things like Burns and Stenberg are hard to criticize.

My issue is that Doug Armstrong went to the draft floor last year intending to retool the roster, and did not.

At the previous trade deadline he took all the center ice minutes, except Robert Thomas, and traded them away. The replacement? 1 center who needed another team to pay half his pay due to being meh.

So now stl leads in cumulative wjc u20 scoring. That’s a huge waste for our organization, we have no business having that much firepower in non nhl leagues. He should have done his job, used some of that to have a better active roster.

What was the point of Vrána? When it was clear he was not working, the replacement is?

During the season we’ve had countless games where scandella, or another lefty, is on the right so perunovich can get minutes. Fine. I guess. Except it’s not. It’s routinely punished by other teams. The jets got 2 goals dumping the puck to scandellas side and watching the blues screw it up. The next night, the blues play the oilers, use normal defense pairs, and surprise?! The team can break out of its zone normally and the game is competitive.

So he had that deadline, the draft floor, and whiffed. Now he has a trade deadline. If he whiffs again, fire him. Maybe he’s pissed off too many of his peers, or they don’t trust him, whatever.

I hope it’s embarrassing for him. He’s been a smug pos the last 2 years or so. Dude thinks he is waaaay fancier than he really is.
Forum: NHLmer. à 15 h 26
I think Kyrou is going to be an enigma and maybe has a better reputation in a system that isn’t St. Louis, which isn’t his fault at all. St. Louis has had about…1 floaty, roller-hockey-like forward in my lifetime. We don’t do that. I’m not mad at Kyrou tho, he can stay - he scores pretty goals.

There are a few different ways to measure the league where Kyrou shows up as an extreme outlier, on the edges with mcdavid, matthews, Crosby: carrying the puck into the opposing zone and generating 5v5 offense are the two he’s always way out there on. <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">Here’s an example from reddit showing him equivalent to the versatility and potency of mackinnon</a>

As a blues fan I am not convinced that the organization will build to his strength or further adjust systems to exploit his abilities. If there’s a fair deal where we get a player that we will build around, and kyrou goes to a system (most of the East really) that is better for him, that’s probably best for everybody. The central is probably not the division for him, and the team he is on is about the most stubborn of the group.

But the league is changing, and trading him could become a mistake of historic proportions, cause the changes seem to be headed towards his skill set. Plus the blues got him for 8 years right before the cap raising. If you extrapolate out the cap considering global inflation, in 4 years it should go up roughly his aav. (2024/5 4.7, then 5.8, then just under 7, then right about 8.2). The discounting at the end of this deal has massive potential.
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