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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bluspy88</b></div><div>I mean the Andersen thing is completely disingenuous since you let him go. But as to his play: he had a great year behind the stellar D, not to say he was carried but he was supported much better. I think it’d be fair to say that about any goalie: they’re gonna have better numbers with a better defensive corps and system. Marty Brodeur is a famous example. He didn’t suck because he played with Stevens Niedermayer Daneyko. But they certainly helped. Plus Andersen did get hurt as did Raanta as many feared and they lost. Comparing Detroit’s situation and expectation to Carolinas is kinda silly.

They would give up something (we are agreeing a 2nd could be too high) for one year of Holl because there’s less risk than signing a FA for several years for probably more money and years. Holl can rotate with a Chatfield and be depth at 400k cheaper than Bear, that’s still less than 2.4 QO and much less than he’ll actually get. You don’t want to be thin on D or any position really without guys who at least have NHL games played under their belt regardless if they’re Nick Lidstrom or Nick Seeler.</div></div>

Nedeljkovic played behind the Calder Trophy winner, and even behind Carolina's blueline, Freddie's numbers are better. You can 100% cross compare the two and the long and short of it is that Freddie is better than Ned is.

Bear won't make more than 2.4. If it's a 1 year deal, it'll be his QO. If it's a multi-year deal, that is going to come down. Bear is a capable top 6 D man and Holl isn't. I'd rather just pay Chatfield 700k to be a pylon on the 3rd pair than pay Holl 2 million to do it, regardless of whether or not it is a one year deal or not. Holl is not good and there's no interest in him for the Canes. Carolina's D depth is tested annually, and there is still the likes of Lajoie in Chicago who has NHL experience. Holl is pointless and that's just the facts of the matter.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bluspy88</b></div><div>Your points about in house options are valid. The thing I do not get though is this: you say Holl is a bad player when I include him in a trade with your team. If I move him as a cap dump, Leafs fans insist that’s ridiculous because he’s playing regular NHL minutes. So to me, the truth is somewhere in between. He’s probably an average to below average NHL player. Maybe the 2nd is high, not gonna split hairs there. But, RHD tend to cost more, and I think we’ve seen that 1.) NHL GMs give up assets for intangibles or random desires physical attributes like being a righty or being big (Ristolainen, Josh Brown, Ryan Reaves, Zadorov come to mind as trades of this ilk) and 2.) the Canes haven’t always demonstrated 100% faith in home grown talent like Nedeljokvic, plus as a flyers fan I will tell you right now that just saying « oh our prospect/last years 7th D will just step up there » can be dangerous. They definitely could sign someone else but for a team with upcoming cap issues they’d be wise to avoid overpaying depth pièges because they didn’t want to give up a lottery ticket</div></div>

Your points contradict themselves. You mention the Canes haven't always put faith in homegrown talent. Aho, Svechnikov, Slavin, Pesce, and Andersen were all Canes picks. (Andersen is meant sarcastically but it is true). They put faith in the talent when it is justified. They moved on from Ned and Ned put up a .900 sv% while Freddie came 4th in the Vezina voting and should have been higher.

Holl isn't good. He's a significant downgrade on Bear and if the Canes are unwilling to pay Bear 2.4 (His QO) then they aren't paying Holl.

Carolina has pending cap issues. Fair enough. So why would they commit 2 million of their cap space to a 7th D man and give up a 2nd for the privallege? It makes no sense. Chatfield has already played a season in the NHL and arguably could have been in the big leagues this year, he's been sensational with the Wolves and played very well this year in the 20 games he had with the Canes. He is the natural replacement. Holl to Raleigh has no foundation and a 2nd is MILES too much. Maybe a 5th.