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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Alfie11</b></div><div>I actually think our D is a future strength tbh, we don’t have much young talent up front but we have Andersson (top pair guy), Valimaki (2 years from being a top pair guy), Kylington (1 year from top 4 threat), and Hanifin (solid top 4 guy) all 23 or under. We also signed Mackey. If we draft Justin Barron at 19oa our D is pretty much set for the next decade. The problem would be if we trade our 1st our 2RD slot has to be filled in free agency</div></div>

you are making a ton of assumptions of players turning out. Kylinton has had 2 years at the nhl level and has not played at an nhl level in that time period(limited usage i know). i doubt his potential is above a bottom pairing. Valimaki hasnt proven himself whatsoever at the nhl level. he has a ton of upside and i agree that he may be a top pairing soon but again you are assuming he delvelops to his potential. andersson has proven himself hes the only sure bet we currently have and hanifin has been underwhelming for his draft position and i dont think he has much more upside. in 2 years he will be our top line and for me thats scary. as for mackey and barron those are extreme ifs and cant even be evaluated seriously right now.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LittleBroDougie</b></div><div>Why in the he** are we giving MEP, Bennett, and 2 firsts for this package?? That's a ton of assets for a declining defenceman on a terrible contract, a middle-6 forward, and a good goalie.</div></div>

you are massively undervaluing OEL. on arguably one of the overall worst teams of the past decade he has remained a top 15 defense man and is always in the conversation for the norris. hes got atleast 4 more years as a serviceable top line defenseman and he replaces gio on our PP units and replaces him completely once Gio is gone to trade or contract expiry. Keumper was a vezna candidate this year and he would hopefully put an end to the goalie carousel that has plagued Calgary for the last 8 years. ryan is a cap dump in calgarys eyes and hinistroza replaces bennetts production easily. so we get a top 10 goalie, a top 15 defenseman and a serviceable bottom six forward for bennett, two prospects and two first round picks.

The final point is Calgary is in win now mode. if calgary doent win in the next 2 years they will rebuild.
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