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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Drew402</b></div><div>Haha. we leafs fan are used to the world of hurt. Its not about my personal belief, though I have experience living here. Its been documented that the Jets team is among the top ranked teams on players no trade clause lists. https://www.espn.com/blog/craig-custance/insider/post/_/id/9006. You don't think some of the highest taxes in the country, a long winter that reaches upwards of -50 with windchill, a place with relatively terrible nightlife and entertainment, high crime/suicide rates has something to do with it? Don't get me wrong. Great place in the offseason if you're into cabin country and golf, but you can get that anywhere.

Now, as per a reconsideration, I'm totally open. You agree Chevy won't let Helley walk for nothing? Lets say we take away the third round pick. Is that fair? What do you propose Jets receive? I don't agree Helley for Samsonov is an equal trade. Jets could use some promising prospects that could flourish if given the right amount of ice time no?</div></div>

Yep, no kidding you and other Leaf fans are in a world of hurt..... Dating back to 1967, I too was a true Leaf fan at the time, The Big M was everything, including many of those guys on that team.... And then I began to see what folks in the "Big Smoke" were clearly about. But, say what you want about our province and city, GTA has its issues as well... I have spent limited amounts of time there for business purpose, but enough time to get an opinion and all I will say, get me home, please. Just my opinion and I respect your opinion, but you need to live it here to understand...

Perhaps you may want to reconsider again... removing the 3rd really is no improvement... Your offering of Timmins and Robertson, what do they bring to the Jets? Do these two guys make or help the Jets or are they Moose players.... I have my concerns and can't see that as a benefit... Last, now we are down to the goal keepers... I don't believe your keeper can't play 50 - 60 games, or in the Vezina running... I honestly believe you need to revisit and think about your offering to Wpg? I see that you do know your hockey and truly agree with many of your moves for the Leafs minus the Jets stuff... Yes, stay away from Barbashev, he should be a future Jet.... lol
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>I like the thought of adding Toews but as others have said that's a steep price, would try to keep it at a 2nd,3rd/B-prospect and if that's not enough then walk away.

Harkins has almost zero value, the Ducks will be wanting a 3rd or 4th round pick for Kulikov, funny how Kulikov has been decent since moving on from the Jets/Maurice&amp;Kompon 💩💩 show.. 😆

<strong>Really think they need another top 4 dman and preferably at least a #2 type dman if they want to make some noise in the playoffs, that just doesn't look like a defense of a cup winner to me.</strong></div></div>

Agree with this comment... Really didn't like what I saw in the Nashville game, were #2 and #4 on our Defense was being manhandled in our end by the Nashville forwards.. It's playoff hockey starting already with some of these teams that are behind.

Two immediate things for me: the Jets need to have a understanding to the direction that PLD is going, sooner than later and those potential assets used wisely. The Wheeler contract needs to be game planned and what will be happening over the next year and half (8.25 ml for another year beyond this season, is a big ouch!!!). Chevy has made some good moves/choices in the past, I believe these things will be addressed as they are required.

So, just a follow-up to my opening comment, which is a big ask: the Jets need a Right D-man with size in the 6-1 to 6-5 range with a bit of edge, plays the stay home game along side #44... Suggestions: short term (Van's #2, St. Louis's #41) &amp; longer term: Edm's #5, Seattle's #6, Canes # 22 and our own prospect pool of Lundmark, Salomonsson &amp; Chisholm. If this could happen, my hope is that one of current right side guys (#88) is moved, Heinola definitely shouldn't be in the future plans...