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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>eliran</b></div><div>First off, let me tell you, Kotkaniemi will never be Jonathan Toews. He will be a second line centre at best, he really doesn't posses that many great tools. Secondly, Romanov will never be Doughty, as he has no offensive game. You can maybe make a case for Vlasic but that's still reaching. Lastly, just as kane and toews have 3-5 years left, so do price and weber, therefore, if you wanna utilize those 2, you need to wi. today. Lastly, Kubalik is signed for 2 years, evans is not a worry as he isn't good and you will have aria and lehkonen coming off the books when Suzuki is up, giving u close to 6 million and have young guys like Canfield who will be ready to step in for them. Brilliant plan!</div></div>

Ok if Romanov and KK are nothing special then why does every pundit say both are going to be top line players? TSN had Romanov right behind Byram on their top 10 prospects not in the NHL in February. But you know more than guys like Button and Mackenzie right!. We have the guys to help Price and Weber win or have you not been paying attention this off season? Taffoli, Anderson, Suzuki, Gallagher, Kotkaniemi, Drouin, Petry, Romanov, Armia, Tatar, Allen and Danault! You must be a Leafs fan posing as a Habs fan to think that spending 31.5 Mil on 3 players is how to win the cup! Go back to your precious Leafs you poser!

BTW Subban as a backup means the Habs miss the playoffs in years 1 and 2 cause the defense hasn't been addressed. Also the 6 Mil left was in 2021 when Armia, Lehkonen, Fleury and Poehling are needing to be resigned. So you let Armia and Lehkonen walk you said. Poehling will take 1.5 Mil leaving 4.5 Mil and 5 roster spots needing to be filled. Fleury you bridge at 1 Mil. Now you have 3.5 Mil and 4 roster spots. Oh boy Danault needs a contract! Guess he is walking too! But now you have 3.5 Mil space and need to fill 4 roster spots minimum. 4 x 750000 = 3 Mil so I guess your getting 4 players at league minimum with no players available for injury fill-ins. AWSOME!! Then in 2022 you would have 13.5 Mil in cap space Susuki would gets 6 Mil, Kubalik gets 6 Mil that's 12 out of 13.5 Mil and you still need another 4 roster players including a backup, who I assume would be Primeau at that point. So there goes basically 1 Mil. Now your down to .5 Mil and need 3 roster players so you forfeit the season due to not enough players guess your not winning the cup in year 3 either.
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