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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Jded</b></div><div>

These are literally just the first 4 links on Google for 2019 redraft. Z is 2-4.

Nail Yakupov was a 1st overall pick, let’s not pretend like that’s some infallible pedestal.

You can be against the trade, that’s more than understandable. But if this is your argument, please just stop</div></div>

Your right I forgot about Yakupov, so maybe Zegras would be worth <strong>one</strong> 1st over all pick lol.

As for your links, it's good that some people think he would go top 5, I don't agree with them. Byram still has the potential to be one of the top 20 d men in the league and I love CC but I don't think he goes top 5 either. I stand by my earlier statement that I seriously doubt in a redraft that Zegras would go top 5. He isn't better than Hughes or Seider, Boldly scores more than Zegras so those are for sure the top 3. Byram would still be taken top 5 since the only thing keeping him from stardom is his health, if he can get that sorted out he would be top 3. Cozens is a top 5 pick for me since he has gotten progressively better every year and put up more goals as well. Knight is one of if not the best goalie prospect since Price and IMO goes 6th. Then you have Caufield, Zegras, Dach and Kakko fighting for 7th. I think you have to go with Zegras as 7th since he has put up the most points of the 4 and has been healthy, Caufiled would be next cause he is probably the best pure scorer out of the draft. Kakko goes 9th and Dach 10th just cause while Dach is trending the right way Kakko has already turned his career around, next year might be a whole different story depending on how well Dach does as our 2C lol. Again these are just my opinions and why I say I <strong>doubt</strong> Zegras goes top 5 in a redraft. You can provide a million links if you want but you aren't going to change my mind on who I think would go top 5.