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3 nov 2018
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Canadiens de Montréal
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>leafs101</b></div><div>To me this lineup is trying to play the small-skilled type game, which TOR takes 10/10 times. Only hope for MTL is to be a Columbus. Even then this years leafs win 9/10 times</div></div>

Small skilled game? The Danault line is one of the best 2 way lines in the league, Suzuki line with Anderson is a high octane physical line. Toffoli and Caufield on either of KK's wings could be a really high scoring line especially if KK plays like he did in last seasons playoffs. Evans, Lehkonen, Armia, Byron and Perry all make a 4th line that has both scoring and physical play with each combination bringing it own unique elements. If we need speed we bring in Byron and Lehkonen on Evans wings. If we need physical play and irritation hello Perry and Armia. Want to create another 2 way line capable of shutting down Toronto's top lines Lehkonen-Evans-Armia. Montreal has the pieces to compete with the Leafs in whatever style the Leafs want to play. The Habs issues and losses this year have stemmed from their inability to get all on the same game plan at the same time. In fact if you don't belive me go back and look at the game logs to see just how close these games really were. If you take away the EN goals from both sides 7 of 10 were 1 goal games. That literally means that 70% of the games were evenly matched. Also look at the other 3 games 1st game Toronto had 5 PP to Montreals 2 where Toronto scored on 3 of them, do you really think in the playoffs your going to get 5 PP's in a single game? Not likely! So outside of the 7 1 goal games and the ridiculously 1 sided reffing game Toronto outplayed Montreal in 2 of 10 games. Yup that definitely suggests that Toronto will blow out Montreal!!! LMAO
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