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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>I am sick of hearing how all Hab defenceman are better than Leaf defenceman despite being utterly awful this season. Chiarot has never been overly good and this season he's been completely exposed as a liability. And yet he's worth a major package and the Leafs need him because he was on the ice while Price made ten bell save after ten bell save vs TO last year in the playoffs. It's just tiring.

Here's the reality, Bergevin sucked as a GM. He made major mistakes but got lucky getting the best goalie of his generation only to squander him by never giving him a real team to play for. Sure he single handedly took you on some runs but in the end nothing really happened. Now you guys keep trading Chiarot or other aging vets who are not needed and want 1st rounders and top prospects because "he shut you down last year." It's nonsense. Montreal has some major issues on the horizon. Major long term money tied up in bad contracts that will be immoveable but you'll counter with some dumb chirp about winning last year. It's just silly.</div></div>

I agree that MB was a moron and he didn't build a championship quality team. However I don't agree that is was JUST Price that got us to the finals. I think after game 4 of the Toronto series the team had nothing left to lose and just started to work together and yes they were lead by Price but they also started to refuse to lose. It was a Cinderella run for sure and for sure without a doubt lead by Price.

As for Chiarot, he isn't as good as all that but isn't as bad as many others let on on this site either. The real problem is when pundits like EF say he will for sure return a first then fans automatically think that's his value. The problem is its not his value but most teams overpay at the deadline. Chiarot is easily a 2nd pair D man, too good to play on the bottom pair 10-12 minutes a night but too bad to play on the top pair against the best players every shift as well. Most GM's would give up a 2nd + 3rd or 2 2nds to get him in the offseason but when the DL comes around they love to overpay.
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