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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Eli</b></div><div>Your profile calls you a "rational fanatic." I see the fanatic part here...

Reinhart is an NHL ready prospect, in that he's played 37 NHL games. When he plays closer to 18 minutes a night, he's been -6 with Edmonton. In 14 minutes a night with the league leading Golden Knights, he's even. Next year in Montreal, if he keeps getting stronger on his skates, he could play a top four role.

Honestly, emerging top four defenseman, plus first, second, third round pick, and a couple of young AHLers is more than the NHL trade values of guys like... Marian Hossa, Adam Oates, or PK Subban in their prime, so I'll stand by it.

But more to the point, giving one star to a team roster implies you don't think the team has improved.

If you just want more of Vegas' remaining trade assets, that's different from saying Pacioretty wouldn't be an amazing third line winger on an already good club. Your review of this team just shows a petty, egotistical focus on what's in it for your local club.

If you think you're saying the Knights can't afford Pacioretty, I'll point out that I still kept one of their first round picks from last year, a few decent prospects, and fourteen picks in the top four rounds of the '19 and '20 drafts.

I think all you've really said is that you've enjoyed cheering for Max Pacioretty, and you'll miss him when he's gone.

That's not really a criticism of me.</div></div>

Get your head out of your ass! I gave you 1 star because your Montreal trade is so dumb and detached from the real values of the players that it brings the overall value of the post down. I would have given you -3 stars if I could have. Your Griffin Reinhart assessment is the worst thing I've read on this board! He is a bust! he was left unexposed in the expansion draft because he sucks, he was put on waivers because he sucks and nobody claimed them because he sucks. Same thing for Matteau, he came to Montreal in exchange for a disappointing player (DSP), he played for Montreal and wasn't resigned because, as you can guess, he sucks! Another bust! Their overall value is minimal, if not zero. The value of rest of the pieces is not even close to Pacioretty.
You either have the worst, wrongest opinion about these players or you felt like you wanted to trade Patches to the Knights and picked random players, who are still fairly young to make it look like a good trade.