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Rhianna gets it
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>I completely disagree.

Players like Eichel just don’t come along everyday. McDavid, Sid, Matthews, Draistail, Eichel, Pettersson, Barkov, Aho, those are elite guys, true #1 C. That can carry a line by themselves. Again, I’m not knocking Stuetzle, looks like a really good player. But not elite like Eichel.

If u can stop your rebuild, and start competing next season, with a true #1 C. And still have all that cap space, you do it.

It’s why u build up your assets when u are tanking, it’s the “draft the best player available” strategy.

Aquire as many good assets as u can and figure it out when the opportunity presents itself. And make the jump when it’s available.

Well guess what, it’s available now.

Ottawa can keep drafting high and stacking prospects. That’s fine, it seems like that’s what the fans want them to do. That the fans like the draft process and the young prospects better than winning and winning a SC.

J.Norris is a really good player too. Same as Stuetzle, they are great. But neither a true, elite #1C like Eichel is.

They arnt getting one at #10 overall this year either.

And even worse this year, they didn’t even tank right.

If u lose. U want to lose bad and get a top pick. Not be ok and get picks from 9-16. That’s where all draft mistakes are always made. It’s not a good place to be.</div></div>

Again, my point isn't that Stützle is going to be better than Eichel. My point is that Jack Eichel doesn't cost you a Stützle. There have been reports from many teams that those upper echelon, cream of the crop prospects seemingly aren't in play (Laf in NYR, Byfield in LA, Zegras and Drysdale in ANA). If none of those pieces are on the table, Buffalo has no leverage to warrant asking for Stützle. The cornerstone pieces in the Eichel trade is going to be a high pick this year and a A-/B+ prospect, and a handful of other quality assets. Realistically a Guy like Pinto is on the mid to higher end of what they can expect as the "big prospect" coming back.

I think if it comes down to one of Tkachuk/Stützle/Norris/Batherson as one of the pieces needed, I don't think Ottawa ends up better for it in the long term. If the package for Eichel ends up being Josh Norris + Shane Pinto + 10th Overall Pick + another good prospect, I think looking long term Ottawa is giving up way more value than Eichel will bring.

The most I'd give up for him would be Pinto+Greig+Thomson + 2021 1st. If they want a roster player back as well they can have Dadonov or White.
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