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Rhianna gets it
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>spockrock</b></div><div>A few points;

-I didn’t make the trade proposal.

-Gibson is a fine goalie, but no team would or has ever paid such a price for a goalie, which is basically my point. The best at that position just doesn’t hold that much value.

-I don’t really give a rip how Necas would fit in with ANH. To expect a roster player like him, plus the equivalent of 2 more 1st round picks ++ for a goalie is ridiculous.</div></div>

and <a href="/users/davidrabbit" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@davidrabbit</a>

I think the notion of 'equivalent of 2 more 1st round picks' is a common way to look at players but a mistake. Once they're drafted, their draft position really doesn't matter after 2-3 years sometimes after 1 year. Once they're picked, they don't hold the value of the pick, they hold the value of the player that they are. Any GM hanging to 'where they were drafted' years after should never be a GM.

Fleury and Necas were players that were drafted 6 and 3 years ago. Hanging onto Fleury being a 1st round pick as a basis in value doesn't make sense. Hell Sanderson was just take 5th by the Sens and I doubt they could get '5th' overall value for him. Lundell was taken 12th and I'd pay more for him than Sanderson.

The value in the trade I proposed is in the 1st round pick and Necas. Fleury still has potential but time is running out and Nedeljkovic is coming into his prime as a goalie and could be a starter or could not be. That's a lot of risk for Anaheim with Necas being the best but still unknown player in the trade. So that's why I added the 1st.
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