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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockeyfan1234</b></div><div>He absolutely is a cap dump. The OP even changed the trade lol. Let’s look at some comparable players.
Brock McGinn had only 9 less points (mostly assists), has the same cap hit and took a 3rd and taking back a contract to get rid of.
Kasperi Kapanen had 6 more points and only 450k more of a cap hit and had to be given away for free for someone to take him. And those were at the trade deadline where players tend to have more value.</div></div>

Warren Foegele scored at a 1st line rate while being paid like a 3rd liner. That's the opposite of a cap dump.

One of the best ways to compare players across the league is in 5v5 play, since it's (a) the most common game state by far and (b) equalizes inputs.

So here's how Foegele stacks up:

G/60: 0.93 (84th, tied with Panarin) 1st line rate
P/60: 2.09 (85th, tied with Tavares) 1st line rate
S/60: 9.36 (50th, tied with Cozens) 1st line rate
xG/60: 1.16 (9th, tied with Tavares) elite 1st line rate
SCF/60: 10.90 (23rd) elite 1st line rate
HDCF/60: 6.19 (8th), elite 1st line rate
Tka/60: 3.63 (3rd), elite 1st line rate
Hits/60: 7.11 (108th tied with Kreider) high 2nd line rate

Now consider that he spent just 8% of his TOI with McDavid this year. Foegele is a value contract.

[A little context for my stats. I took full season 5v5 stats and applied two filters: forwards only and minimun TOI of 495 minutes. That leaves us with the top 385 players by minutes played. Why 385? Because there are 32 teams and each with 12 regular forwards. 32 x 12 = 384, so pretty close. This way we can divide results by "1st line" (top 96 players), "2nd line" (97-192), etc. All stats are expressed as "per 60 minutes" to equalize for TOI differences.]
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