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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boomer125</b></div><div>He has the speed to keep up with McDavid and AA , RNH is only around another year - He'll get 7/8 million and he's not worth it for Edmonton</div></div>

Athanasiou and Johnsson play the same position, so they won't be playing together. Why trade for a guy they don't have cap space for only to play him on the 3rd line? Athanasiou has a much better track record of scoring goals at 5v5.

Nugent-Hopkins is absolutely worth the ~$7M he's expected to sign for. As a LW he's been brilliant for the Oilers.

Here are his 5v5 P/60 for each of the last 3 years when playing with Connor or Leo:

2017-18: 2.61 P/60
2018-19: 2.06
2019-20: 3.51
Total: 2.76 P/60

That 2.76 puts him 5th in the NHL over these 3 years, just ahead of Panarin (2.75) and Malkin (2.70). Only Kucherov (3.10), McDavid (2.95). Marchand (2.83) and Stamkos (2.80) produced more at 5v5.

Here are his splits between those two centers:

with McDavid: 2.31
with Draisaitl: 3.21

To put these numbers into context, 2.31 puts him 25th in the NHL over the past 3 years and tied with Barkov and Huberdeau, just ahead of Bergeron and Forberg who posted 2.30 P/60. His 3.21 P/60 with Draisaitl is unmatched over the past 3 years, Kucherov is the closest at 3.10 P/60.

It's interesting that Nugent-Hopkins has made Draisaitl better too, which is incredible when you consider most of the rest of the time Draisaitl played with McDavid.

Draisaitl's 5v5 P/60 with McDavid: 3.07 (1857:31 TOI in 3 seasons: 2017-20)
Draisaitl's 5v5 P/60 with Nugent-Hopkins: 3.68 (635:07 in 3 seasons: 2017-20)

Also, Nuge is excellent on the PK and the PP.

- of 86 forwards who played &gt;100 minutes at 4v5 this year, Nugent-Hopkins was 10th best for shots against and 3rd best for goals against.
- of 186 forwards who played &gt;100 minutes at 5v4 this year, Nugent-Hopkins was 22nd in expected goals for and 5th in actual goals.

Nugent-Hopkins is an extremely valuable player to the Oilers.
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