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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>If we understand what Edmonton's philosophy will be on draft-day - something Lowetide identified will be forward-heavy in his top-93 - it's important to consider all aspects of what Edmonton's depth charts look like right now. There exists an organizational positional deficiency among left wing scoring forwards and right handed centermen. You're correct in identifying players that could have second-line potential and having them anchor the third line: this would develop Edmonton's depth to levels unheard of since the glory days of the mid-80's.

My entire draft strategy would come down to whether or not I saw Nugent-Hopkins as a long-term piece in Edmonton. I know the term and AAV aren't as ideal as they could be, but if RNH agreed to the Hayes deal and was an Oiler for life (I think his player-type would allow him the longevity to still produce to the end of his deal, similar to Pavelski?), then I believe finding a right-handed pivot should take precedent over a winger. If names like Mercer or Quinn become available, I think they need to be prioritized despite not filling an immediate need. It's unforgivable to pass up on high talent in a draft, which is a mistake this franchise has made far too often.

If however, Nuge wants out of Edmonton, then the organization would need to prioritize a LW prospect in the first round. In terms of top-6 talent, Edmonton should be fine with it's dynamic duo down the middle and Yamomoto plus Lavoie on the right wing. Outside of Nugent-Hopkins having converting to the wing, there's not a lot in the system that could play that premier role in a few years and I think it is the greater area of need. Jarvis (if he's productive on his off-hand side), Mysak, Amirov, and any name that falls out of the top-20 would be my priority.

That being said, I don't make the Reichel pick at #33 unless Nugent-Hopkins is truly set to leave Edmonton, and you've incorrectly identified Jarvis and Mercer as centermen.

I'd still go with Jarventie with the late second. I don't think him being Finnish matters: if the kid can play, he can play. If what you've said about Jarventie holds merit and he does have #1LW potential due to his skillset and that it might play well off of McDavid, what Edmonton really needs to find with the #20 and #33 picks (as you've identified) are a top-six left wing and a right-handed top-six center that are both destined to anchor the third line.

RNH - Draisaitl - Yamamoto
(Jarventie) - McDavid - Lavoie
[] - McLeod - []

Using this assumed template of where prospects and players would likely end up, I think Edmonton runs set pairs of players at those picks in order to accommodate the gaps on the third line. In essense:

If a scoring winger is prioritized at #20 (Jarvis), then I believe Perreault or Foudy would be the player taken at #33. This gives Edmonton a strong side pivot on the third line for every draw and Jarvis is likely capable of playing both wing positions. McLeod offers defensive utility, and depending on the side of the faceoff, you'd run Jarvis - McLeod - Perreault or McLeod - Perreault - Jarvis. If a right-handed center is prioritized at #20 (Bourque), then I'd be shocked if that early second round pick wasn't used on a Nybeck or even Jarvis if he slides (he's still a second rounder on a few projections) and the Oilers would likely run lines in a similar fashion. The whole thing goes to hell if a Holloway, Mercer, or Quinn falls into the Oilers' lap, and I'd prefer if they just went with BFA (best forward available) through the whole draft.

If Benning is available that late, jump on him immediately. I'd be utterly surprised to see him available past the early third round.

I like the Bozak trade. I've never been big on Marody as a prospect. Shame he lost so much of last season to injury.

I don't think Benson nor Bouchard make this roster out of camp, and that Holland is super likely to sign Green to play #3RD. We gave up assets for the guy and got like two games out of him. I think Ennis would take the #3LW spot in Benson's stead.</div></div>

Good post. I don't watch WHL or QMJHL much, but Steve Kournianos does and says that both Jarvis and Mercer play center and wing. If a bunch of these guys drop to 20 it'll be interesting, but I would definitely take Jarvis before Quinn, and maybe Mercer, too. Irrespective of Nugent-Hopkins's decision whether he's staying or not, I'd still go after Riechel if he's available at 33, he's that good. And we probably won't have a decision from Nuge by the draft anyhow, so I don't think that's relevant.
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