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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>draft_em_sign_em_trade_em</b></div><div>Have a rotating bottom 6 every season doesn't create competition but a lack of team chemistry.

I know everyone focus' on the top 6 but Stanley Cup winners are the ones that have bottom 6 success.</div></div>

Thats an odd take when looking at teams who have found success lately. 2 years ago, Tampa's bottom 6 were mostly new from that season, their 3rd line specifically from the trade deadline onward. Seen with guys like Maroon, Coleman, Goodrow and Verhaeghe's rookie year. Last season, Montreals bottom 6 were mostly new from that offseason or signed at the trade deadline. Seen with guys like Evans in his rookie season, Perry and Staal. Blues in 18-19? Same thing with their entire 3rd line being new players that season. Bozak, Maroon again, Thomas' rookie season. The pattern seems to be the exact opposite of what you are suggesting. The teams who find success are the ones who are able to bring in effective depth pieces, not develop some kind of team chemistry over multiple seasons down there. Pretty much the only exception that would fit your line of thinking would be Tampa from last season but really thats pretty null and void when the same players won the cup a year earlier too when none of that 'team chemistry' existed.

Its an interesting look at where effective depth has come from in recent history. Basically all of it was acquired that season from outside teams with a few effective league minimum players developed in house.

For the Leafs specifically and this AGM, youll find 4 players who will have played multiple seasons on the Leafs down in the bottom 6 range of these depth charts. Thats actually more than other teams who have been having success. If Robertson moves up a spot and manages to have a standout season on the 3rd line, they fit the model of success in this case almost exactly.