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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ryminister_27</b></div><div>"To keep healthy players in net to let the games go on, teams must have three goaltenders available among the 29 players on their active roster and taxi squads."


Right from TSN. As I said, teams must have at least 3 goalies available between the active roster and taxi squad. If they don't, sending one to the taxi squad does not expose him to waivers.

Toronto currently has Andersen and Campbell on the active roster. Hutchinson is in the minors at Marlies camp (when their season officially starts). So after the AHL season starts in February, Dell can be placed on the taxi squad and not exposed to waivers.</div></div>

No where in what you quoted does it say they are exempt from waivers. In fact the only spot where 'waivers' shows up in the article is where it says all players going to the taxi squad must clear them. Teams must have 3 goalies on their rosters but the 3rd goalie is still subject to waivers before going to the taxi squad. We have seen evidence of this when Edmonton lost Forsberg to Carolina and Winnipeg lost Comrie to New Jersey. We have 2 actual examples from a few days ago of what you are saying not being true. Dell is subject to the exact same waivers Forsberg and Comrie were exposed to and doesn't stand a chance of make it through them, hence Toronto leaving him on their NHL roster for now.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>I honestly think it is what it is. Yeah guys do come in a little rusty now etc.... but it's just from a talent prospective. They don't have but 3 guys back there with any. That can't be.
Given they don't get much help from the bottom 6 to help them and it just doesn't add up. They had 4 guys on the ice in the forwards today that were just not very helpful in any aspect of the game.
You add that with 3 bad defense and a goalie who looks to be continuing a shaky year and it's hard to call this teams defense any better, or say it will improve. If you know you got a weakness in the defense you got to at least try to help them out somehow, but they got slower and worse in the bottom 6 so it just magnifies the issues there. This team made fundamental mistakes in the offseason. While every other team is out there looking to get younger and faster they bring in 2 guys over the age of 38. It's not hard to see why that's gonna fail. Then bring in a guy like Simmonds who is done and Barabanov, I'm not sure he's even NHL quality. They gave him 4 minutes of ice time so it is what it is.
It's one game. But every team is just at 1 game too. Short seasons are gonna be defined in the first 20.</div></div>

I'm wondering who you think the '3 bad defensemen' are because I have a feeling you are talking about Holl out despite him being our best defensive dman tonight. Other than that our 3rd line held their own and outchanced the opposition. You were talking about bias earlier but the numbers are pretty clear on whos speaking from a biased perspective.