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19 jui 2021
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Sabres de Buffalo
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>sabres89</b></div><div>I think part of the problem with the sabres over the last decade is the poor business decisions. One of the few things they have going their way is cap space, and they have plenty. They should be weaponizing cap space, taking short term cap dumps and getting the best picks possible for them. We are really doing vancouver a solid here, hes not a 6m player, and almost nobody is taking cap dumps. If you can charge for something, dont give it away. Also, im not even sure if the pegulas would take on extra cap right now. The johnny boychuk trade is actually pretty shrewd, his cap hit is 6, but it only costs the sabres 1.25m in actual money. The sabres after a decade of mismanagement are finally playing in front of 5000 people in their own barn, even if the sabres tickets are relatively cheap, thats a big hit, im guessing that every penny the sabres spend over the floor right now is coming from the pegulas directly. I do hope they sign off on weaponizing cap, but it better be first round picks.</div></div>

Yeah, i agree with pretty much all of that
Only thing is that it’s gonna be hard to get 1st round picks in these next 2 drafts- especially a team like Vancouver’s Bc it’ll likely be a lottery pick
Maybe if we took Myers off their hands, and threw them FLA’s 1st (which would obviously be lower in the round), then we could get their 1st (probably top5 protected) and a 2nd from them
Or something like that
Tough to say, as I’m sure it could get complicated
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Sujet: Retoolin