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Being wrong is ok
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>F50marco</b></div><div>For sure a cap dump will need to be included. Very few teams have the cap space and even if they do, they'll use this to dump a salary they don't want any more. The quality of prospects will determine the quality of picks and conditions and vice versa so speculating will be really hard without a starting point.

Its all but guaranteed at this point that the prospect(s) they'll get will not be elite. No Zegras. No Byfield. No Lafreniere, etc etc. so their best bet to ensure they get the best deal possible IF Eichel returns to full form is through multiple conditional picks. Not just one. That's why I think the "meat" of the trade has to be picks given.

Buffalo has to formulate the conditions of the deal as such that if Eichel comes back to the superstar he was, that they get the return they would have got prior to his injury had they traded him (Or at least something they would have been comfortable with). The same goes for the team acquiring him. If they get crappy Eichel that doesn't play the same and is often injured, they pay a bare minimum price which Buffalo sees a win regardless considering they were trading Eichel at his lowest possible value.

Im fairly certain the deal will be as follows:

-Cap dump who can still play. Not a complete waste of time player but somebody to replace Eichel on the roster and offset salary. (Henrique)
-Former 1st round prospect whose NHL ready. No stud but decent prospect. (Steel)
-Secondary prospect whose less known and basically a project. (Mahura)
-Conditional 1st 2023 (Games played, points scoring, etc - If not does not meet criteria, pick can be lessened, voided, swapped, etc)
-Conditional 1st 2024 (Games played, points scoring, etc - If not does not meet criteria, pick can be lessened, voided, swapped, etc)
-Conditional 2nd 2023 (Games played, points scoring, etc - If not does not meet criteria, pick can be lessened, voided, swapped, etc)
-Conditional 2nd 2024 (Games played, points scoring, etc - If not does not meet criteria, pick can be lessened, voided, swapped, etc)
-3rd round pick 2022

This way:
Best case - if Eichel comes back to 100%, Buffalo gets Henrique, Steel, Mahura, 1st, 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd.
Worst case - If Eichel is a shadow of his former self and hardly ever effective anymore buffalo gets Henrique, Steel, Mahura, 3rd at best.

And everything in between will depend on conditional picks.</div></div>

problem with your deal here is that I'm pretty sure there can only be one conditional pick in a trade. That said, the only untouchables in my eyes are this years first and Z for the Ducks. I wouldnt be surprised a trade happened after the regular season where either the ducks didn't have a selection they wanted and or a prospect like McTavish or Drysdale didn't live up to expectations. Regardless all im saying is there is no reason that Ducks acquire Eichel during this season where it requires giving up a top 3 prospect and or a top 5 pick. Eichel better get use to the press box.
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Sujet: Eichel
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Buffalove</b></div><div>I don’t have a prediction
But Minny &amp; Anaheim seem like the most likely spots to me
With Minny, it would have to include Rossi or Boldy (or both)
With Anaheim, I’d say Zegras, Drysdale, McTavish (or a combo)

I can’t see Buffalo letting him go without getting top notch assets back
We can always just keep him (even though that’s not ideal)
He’s under contract for 5 more years, so there’s no real hurry to move him
And the NMC doesn’t worry me at all- not till the last year of his deal anyways
If he really wants out, he’ll waive to a decent place rather than continue losing here

That’s all just my opinion of course</div></div>

so I agree and disagree with a-lot said here.

Anaheim is still somehow in this discussion and all I can say is they wont part with Z at the very least. That is for certain. McTavish or Drysdale on the other hand will never be in a combo(My opinion/Not impossible). At the very most you're getting one of them w other assets. If you disagree I would say look past the perceived value of these players and look towards not only the history of the nhl but the trades Anaheim has made in recent years(Hint: We dont do big blockbusters and are quiet in the trade market). Id be very doubtful Drysdale is an actual possibility unless he's like 3/4 the value going back to Buffalo. He's not untouchable tho.

Regardless Minnesota is the best destination with the best package. Maybe VGK. Idk.

Lastly keeping him beyond the halfway part of the 21-22 season (unless he actually plays or does the surgery) would be catastrophic for Buffalo. Bad attention, unnecessary stress on the players from media and the sabres practically being known for their off ice issues then the team will just tank any chance of you guys building a healthy franchise. Its not an option imo. There should be some type of urgency to get the best deal. Not saying sell low or rip the band aid but waiting too long is an actual consequence here.

Anyways thanks for sharing and answering my questions.
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