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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>yikes</b></div><div>:sharks

Fun-Tanking-Fact of the Day!

The San Jose Sharks have a produced a total of 48 points as a team (53 - 5 of Addison points which all came from the Wild).

44% of those points come from their top line;
Eklund - Hertl - Zetterlund (21 points)

The rest of their team had a combined 27 points (20 players! 6 of which have no points).

Elias Pettersson has 25 points which out scores their top line, but is 2 points shy of technically being more productive then basically an entire team minus their only actual NHL top 6 caliber line. Realistically he would probably beat an entire roster of Sharks by himself if Eklund, Hertl, Zetterlund, Couture and Addison sat and his own team only played defence.

That would look like;

Zadina - Granlund - Duclair
Barabanov - Strum - Labanc
Hoffman - Carpenter - Kunin
Lindblom - GSmith - Macdonald

Ferraro - Burroughs
Knyzhov - Emberson
Okhotiok - Rutta
Vlasic - Benning




When you view the roster this way it’s laughably an obnoxious tank of a roster. Held together by a few players and Blackwood.

The Sharks call up Gushchin who has 58 points in 82 AHL games. He has played 2 NHL games before, recording 2 points.

Gushchin hasn’t played an NHL game this season yet if we for fun consider his 2 NHL points; he is out scoring 17 current Sharks skaters performances so far this year.</div></div>

The Hughes Brothers points totals vs the sharks this year could be a fun race.