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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>I fully believe that too many kids are trying to play a league or so higher than they should be - specifically some of the European kids - for the exposure and I completely agree that it's arguably one of the worst things they could be doing for their development. Be it their parents, agents, or their own foolishness, they saw Matthews take it to the NLA and have the same illusions of grandeur as top-rated prospects of their draft class without recognizing the canyon between their talents (and size to an extent) with Auston's. Raty struggled with this, Lundell did up until last season, and I'd be unsurprised if a lot of prospects coming out of the KHL would have fared better in their draft years if they got the ice time to play alongside their peers as opposed to 6 minutes per night against men.

To Lambert's credit, I don't think he should have been in the U20 Sarja last season: he was among the top of the crop in his Draft-2 season and some form of progression should have been expected. Using NHLe as a very rough tool for estimating league strengths, I don't think the WHL is a terribly appropriate place for Lambert to ship off to: it's only about a 33% increase in league strength from the SM U20 league and Lambert has squared off against men for over a season now. I would personally think the Slovakian league or the Allsvenskan would be a more developmentally-appropriate place for someone of Lambert's skill: they factor in as middle grounds between the SM-Liiga and U20 Sarja and would still keep him relatively close to home.

I'd expect Lambert to probably post some ridiculous number above 2 points per game in the WHL and I'd take pause with that as a scout: unless you're seeing strides in his conditioning, maturity, and other intangibles, it really just looks like stat padding for draft position and he may require an extra season or two of development before being NHL ready. I'd have a hard time passing up McGroarty or Savoie if I'm in desperate need of the high-end skill sooner rather than later.

I hate redrafts that happen within 5 years of the actual draft, especially their 2019 and 2020 ones, and even more so in the context of Dom's model. There's been hardly enough time to justify any form of hindsight and a lack of data to substantiate any of their claims. If their draft models were actually good, teams would abide by them.

I get that it's for fun and for clicks, but wow do I really not like such empty-calorie articles.</div></div>

Yea, I mean at this time I think 2017 might be stretching it, 2016 u could do for some players but take someone like Nolan Patrick he could break out this year and then what all ur redrafts are now wrong, and u shift Dahlin down from one when he's 21 and has looked the part of the worst team in the league...yikes.
Forum: NHLThu at 4:38 pm