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Forum: Boston Bruins21 mar à 7 h 59
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Shane_Kelly</b></div><div>1, this "twitter bot" is one of the best Bruins Content accounts out there, 2. you can't be comparing the Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla to Jake, not top-6 forward at the moment Debrusk, 3. I also watch the games, and he has had too many lazy moments to count. For example, last night in OT when he changed instead of staying with his man in the 3 on 3 OT. Another example, after Kuraly's muffin pass up the middle, (he is also playing poorly) Debrusk took a wide looping turn out of the zone rather than stopping on the puck and trying his best to generate some back pressure to at least attempt to prevent the cross-zone pass that led to the caps goal.</div></div>
It's not working for DeBrusk right now. Going for the change - you could criticize him for the opposite as well, staying out. As far as the turn vs. stop - that's a decision - make the turn and maintain speed, which looks really good if the puck gets back to the Bruins quickly, or stop and maybe not be able to get back into the play. I watch DeBrusk going hard on forecheck, hard on backcheck - working hard is definitely not the issue, in fact I'd wager he's being told to pause and then react a little more often, becuase he's sometimes skating himself out of the hplay.

I think it looks like he's overthinking things - which is pretty much the same as the old "gripping the stick too tight" saying. I think he'll come out of it - but it looks painful right now. He needs to relax and play.
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Forum: Armchair-GM24 fév à 11 h 02
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>ColonelX</b></div><div>I'll focus on the KK selection there because I'm fed up of those hindsight 20/20 posts everywhere but the truth is this;
Center depth in 2017-18:
Roster: Danault, Galchenyuk, Plekanec, Mitchell.
Depth: Drouin still made inconclusive appearances in year 2 at center, Froese played 48 games and DeLaRose played 55 games.
Pipeline worth mentionning: Suzuki came out of a 100 point season in the OHL, Poehling came out of -almost- a PPG season in the NCAA, Ikonen made a slim impact in Liiga, Evans finished his NCAA career with a 46 point season.

Now looking at this you knew by that time that Chucky wasn't a center, had hopes Danault was on his way to a top 6 role, Plekanec was aging and none of the others had top 9 center potential in that line up/depth. The pipeline was looking pretty good with three centers with NHL hopes but none were on their way in the big league soon, Evans needed to work his skating among other things and the two others needed more time to mature. Be true to yourself nobody taught that Suzuki would come in and had that immediate impact in the league, by that time it was believed a year in the OHL plus one year with Bouchard would be the most likely route.

What was said of KK at the time of the draft (And prior);
Craig Button - "He plays the game in a similar fashion to <strong>Anze Kopitar</strong> and to Blackhawks captain <strong>Jonathan Toews</strong>."
Adam Kimelman - "Kotkaniemi played regular minutes in Liiga and won't turn 18 until July 6. He's used in the middle and on the wing, and kills penalties, which speaks to his <strong>high hockey IQ</strong>."
Steve Kournianos - "Like his countryman Kupari, Kotkaniemi spent his draft year playing in Finland's top circuit. Only difference is Kotkaniemi significantly out-produced him. He's a mature playmaker with <strong>world-class vision</strong>, but his first-step quickness at this stage of his development is average."

Who could you blame for picking a guy compared to those guys with heavy words like "World class vision" describing him coming out Liiga as a 18 yo with over half a ppg? Management should've known betterThe only thing we need to do now is not give up like Boston gave up on Seguin,....</div></div>

Just want to remind though, that the Canadiens jumped the 'consensus' draft board to take him ahead of a bunch of players ranked higher (including Tkachuk &amp; Zadina, and a bunch of D) by central scouting. Not that they've all turned out either, but the KK pick was controversial on draft Day too.
And the Bruins didn't give up on Seguin, I don't think. They were really tough on cap and a huge number of no-trade clauses at the time - fitting a bigger salary for him was going to be really hard. Hamilton to Calgary was same story.
Forum: Armchair-GM23 fév à 6 h 33