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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>Nikishin's going to be better than Chabot, Chychrun and Kleven... he's breaking KHL record books. There's a genuine case to say he'd be in the Norris conversation if he was in the NHL already. He's going to be an absolute star. Forget what you have, that's why teams always want him. Carolina's INCREDIBLY unlikely to move him. That's like me saying the Canes wouldn't want Tkachuk because they have Jarvis, Svechnikov and Necas. You can never have too much of a good thing, especially young prospects.

Pinto doesn't have more value than Norris to teams outside of Ottawa. Norris has proven he can hit the 70 point plateau, and the issue with him is injuries. If he puts those behind him, he'll be fine. Pinto's career high in points is 35, and he's got 9 so far this season. He's been good in the 9 games he's played, but the fact he's ONLY played 9 games is a major concern. Especially because it was self inflicted.

Stutzle is the only center from the Senators that makes sense for me. It would take the Canes almost everything they have, which is risky with how streaky he is, but he's the only one worth the interest. Not wanting to trade Stutzle is one thing, but to say the Canes don't have the assets to do it is just outright incorrect.</div></div>

People were really excited about Yakupov too. And who knows if Nikishin's even going to be able to come to North America. You're right, Sens shouldn't say no to a LD prospect - but there's no reason they should trade Stutzle for him.

I'm looking for a center who's scored at least 30 goals and 90 points, is under 25 and is under contract for at least 6 years for less than $9M if I'm trading Stutzle.
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