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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>aedoran</b></div><div>Wow I just gave my opinion on a trade, you don't have to get angry. If you thought I was putting down Burakovsky, the Capitals or you I want to apologize because it wasn't my intention. AA and Larkin are on different lines. Thats fine if you think he isn't worth 1st and if he doesn't get traded he will resign with Detroit. There are rumors here in Detroit that Holland just wanted to test the market and that Nyquist isn't going to be traded. I'm still leaning toward he gets traded..
Burakovsky is fast, plays at both ends of the ice, likes to hit, has no problem going to the dirty areas and has decent hands. Do you agree?

Detroit has 3 players that play a similar style (I said similar style, that doesn't mean I think they are even when it comes to talent): Tyler Bertuzzi, Justin Abdelkader and Darren Helm. I like Bertuzzi an would probably take him over Burakovsky. Now I take Burakovsky over Abs and Helm all day long. The problem is the last 2 are overpaid and both have NTCs if we didn't have one or both of them then I take Burakovsky in a heart beat. If you have time take a look at the Wings AHL team (<a href="https://griffinshockey.com/" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">https://griffinshockey.com/</a>) with the exception of Zadina every forward that still has a shot at the NHL fits that same mold.</div></div>

Lol I wasn't angry. Tbh I made that comment while pooping. I also meant Burakovsky would do well on either the 1st line with Bertuzzi and Larkin or on the 3rd with AA and Helm/LGD. I think Burakovsky plays a lot like AA.
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