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60 Games in, let's go:

1) Still 2 ppg scorers for the Bruins, being Marchand and Pastrnak. Bergeron, DeBrusk, Krejci, and McAvoy all sport .75 ppg paces or better as well. AND LET'S NOT FORGET Dmitry Orlov's totally-sustainable 132 point pace with the Bruins since joining the squad.

2) No more hope for youth joining the squad, with Hathaway and (apparently as I write this) Tyler Bertuzzi joining the club. Maybe a game at the end when everyone's resting, but maybe not even then with now 14 (when healthy) NHL forwards on the roster and 8 defensemen.

3) Linus has been a superhero for this Bruins team, and an elite goal scorer to boot. I mean, 31-4 with a sub-2 GAA and .938 save %? Ridiculous. And let's not forget Swayman, who I think has flown a bit under the radar with the team's success and Ullmark's ridiculous year. 15-4 with a 2.33 GAA (6th in the NHL among eligible goalies) and a .916 save % (tied for 11th with Juuse Saros). Good progression for a young goalie who kind of disappointed last year.

4) Over 82 games, Krejci is on pace for 19.4 goals (just shy of my predicted mark) and 70 points (well over the predicted mark). I'll take it.

5) Here's the Bruins 10-game splits since starting the year:
Games 1-10: 9-1 (W W W L W W W W W W) 18 Points
Games 11-20: 8-2 (W L W W W W W W W L) 16 Points
Games 21-30: 7-1-2 (W W W SOL W L W W SOL W) 16 Points
Games 31-40: 8-0-2 (W W W SOL W OTL W W W W) 18 Points
Games 41-50: 6-3-1 (L W W W W W W L OTL L) 13 Points, considered the "slump" of the season
Games 51-60: 9-1 (W L W W W W W W W W) 18 Points

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This'll serve as my February Prospect Update (apologies to those who were looking for a January update, I just lost track of things).

These players are in no particular order within their tier. This is by ceiling only (obviously). And I've put a ranking, out of 10, as to the likelihood of these guys reaching this potential

Tier 1: Future Top-Tier NHLers (Top 5 in their position)
NO ONE, don't overrate these kids, they're bound to disappoint if you do

Tier 2: Future Top Line NHLers (1st line forward, 1st pair D, legit starting goalie)
Fabian Lysell (RW/LW) 9/10

Tier 3: Future Impact NHL players (Top six F, Top Four D, Low-end starter or 1A in a tandem G)
Mason Lohrei (LD) 8/10
Matthew Poitras (C/RW) 5/10

Tier 4: Future Quality NHL players (Middle Six F, Bottom Four D, Quality Backup/1B G)
Brett Harrison (C) 7/10
Dans Locmelis (C) 5/10
Georgi Merkulov (LW/RW/C) 6/10
Trevor Kuntar (C/LW) 6/10
Riley Duran (LW/C) 8/10
Ty Gallagher (RD) 7/10
Brandon Bussi (G) 9/10

Tier 5: Future Depth NHLers (Bottom 6 F, Third Pair D, Backup G)
John Beecher (C/LW) 10/10
Ryan Mast (RD) 7/10
Oskar Steen (RW) 6/10
Marc McLaughlin (RW/C) 8/10
Joona Koppanen (LW/C) 9/10
Jakub Lauko (LW/RW) 10/10
Quinn Olson (LW) 3/10
Michael Callahan (LD) 3/10
Roman Bychkov (LD) 2/10
Kyle Keyser (G) 5/10
Philip Svedeback (G) 4/10

Tier 6: Future Top AHLers (Maybe healthy scratches, but most likely call-up options)
Frederic Brunet (LD) 3/10
Jack Ahcan (LD) 8/10
Matias Mantykivi (C/LW) 6/10
Jonathan Myrenberg (RD) 4/10
Jake Schmaltz (C/LW) 5/10
Matt Filipe (LW/C) 6/10

Tier 8: Career Non-NHLers
Samuel Asselin (C)
Dustyn McFaul (LD)
Curtis Hall (C)
Nick Wolff (LD)
Mason Langenbrunner (RD)
Reid Dyck (G)
Michael DiPietro (G)

Tier ???: Unknown (Boom-or-Bust players or guys who don't play enough to see upside, really hard to put a place on these guys)
Andre Gasseau (C) Boom-or-Bust
Jackson Edward (LD) Boom-or-Bust
Cole Spicer (C) Doesn't play enough to really know. (I liked him out of the draft tho as a future bottom-sixer)
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